Who can replace Kenneth Cameron in the Ascension?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. With Kenneth Cameron beating up a cop and getting released it leaves one of NXT's best promising young tag team up in the air. What will happen to Conor O'Brien and the Ascension, who knows?

    The ideal thing would be to replace Cameron in the team. Their supposed gimmick is supposed to be vampires or something like that so one could easily do a story with O'Brien corrupting a wrestler and turning him into a monster. But who fits the bill? It needs to be someone with that dark look who can also play the psychotic monster role that they portray.

    From the current NXT roster I have picked three guys who I think fit the bill.

    First out is Judas Devlin.
    He has yet to be on NXT TV but he has a look that fits in and a fitting name. This decision is purely based on look.

    Second out is Ric Victor.
    This Hart dungeon graduate has the ring skills to back up the team and a dark look to go with it. He's also serviceable on the mic but wouldn't over shadow Conor.

    Last is Leo Kruger.
    Kruger is also working a psycho gimmick currently with his little Kraven the Hunter homage. He has the look, size and is serviceable in the ring. He's not good on the mic though so Conor would have to carry him.

    Who would you pick?
  2. What the hell! Didn't know he got released.
    Such a shame!
  3. Out of those three? Kruger.
  4. I'd take Kruger as with a vamp gimmick u don't need great mic skills it can be bypassed with strong silence etc...

    An crap had no idea he had been released thats grim as they were a good up and coming team.
  5. Yeah apparently he beat up a cop whilst drunk on Thanksgiving. There's a thread on it.
  6. Missed that thread. Jeez no wonder they dropped him.
  7. Kruger's the one I've seen doing the closest role so I guess I'd have to pick him.
  8. I had no idea this even happened. I'd say Kruger.
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