Who could compete with Punk on the mic?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. On the current roster, who could compete with Punk in an unscripted promo?

    Despite the hate Punk receives he's one of the best talkers in professional wrestling, especially when he has no script and can talk about whatever he wants. I think Jericho could compete with him, perhaps an unleashed John Cena could compete with him, but what do you think?
  2. Jericho, tbh I think Bryan's great on the mic, and don't know if this counts but I have to mention Ambrose.
  3. Hero, Ziggler,Miz, HHH, Christian, Ambrose and a heel Clay Imo. Jericho obvs also.
  4. Miz and Ambrose yeah. I don't think Christian (all be it he's very good), HHH, Hero, Clay or Ziggler come close. HHH is great on the mic but he was demolished by Punk in their encounters. Ambrose is a special talent and Miz unleashed is as good as they get. But I would still put my chips with CM Punk.
  5. In WWE: HHH, Jericho

    Outside WWE:
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  6. Christian as a heel would get closer but as a face he's too bland.
  7. I'm not talking about heels/faces. Christian would be close I reckon. I'm talking about an unscripted promo head to head. Punk/HHH last year was pretty much unscripted, Punk owned him.

    Ziggler is decent on the mic but he's no Punk/Jericho, no where near. Those two will go down in history as some of the best talkers of all time.
  8. Oh, well then not many would, Jericho is the only one I can think of.
  9. The problem is, we haven't really seen the vast of majority of guys give an 'unscripted' promo so I have no idea.
  10. We've seen glimpses, but that's why there's a thread, it's who do you think judging from what you've seen in semi-unscripted and even scripted promos could match Punk. Cena's shoot-type promo on Rock puts him up there for me. Rock himself is obviously up there, Jericho and perhaps Miz/Ambrose. I'm not sure on any others.
  11. noone is on punks level atm... there have been some in the past, but noone presently
  12. Exactly this. And I would hardly say Punk 'owned' HHH in their promos last summer Crayo. Punk mostly just made wife jokes while HHH made more sense. I remember Punk being all like "You only push body builders blah blah blah" and HHH listed a bunch of small guys that have been pushed over the years and Punk looked like a retard.

    Also HHH called him a skinny fatass which was just awesome.
  13. hahaha yeah wtf... im going to beat your skinny fat ass? i was like seriously?
  14. I'll beat your skinny fat ass! :bury:

    I enjoyed their promos and I think they were relatively even, but I resent that feud because it started as something awesome and just went downhill. Well, I think some guys who could compete with Punk would be Jericho, Miz, Heel Christian, and HHH.
  15. The Miz and Jericho. No one else, not even Cody Rhodes. It takes huge talent on the mic to even compete with Punk.
  16. Miz, Jericho,


  17. Not really, it just takes freedom. Any witty guy with charisma and confidence can keep up with Punk if the shackles are off. People act like Punk is God because of the shoot, but fact is he was given a luxury that most aren't, and that's the ability to ad-lib. It was a great promo but for people to act like he is untouchable on the stick based on the worked shoot is just silly.
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  18. Most definately David Otunga.. He is a lawyer, and knows how to manipulate and exploit people using only words rather then evidence.

    Other then that, I would say JBL.
  19. Otunga is an ear sore on the mic IMO. His delivery is just bad.
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