who cuts the best promos in wwe?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. paul heyman

  2. bray Wyatt

  3. cm punk

  4. Dean Ambrose

  5. other (say below)

  1. I'm not sure myself haymen seems the obvious choice but bray Wyatt is so damn good its hard to split them in my opinion

    although punks kind of left I've still included him because when he wants to be hes up there with the best plus hes technically under contract
  2. Mason Ryan or Bray Wyatt
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  3. Triple H & Stephanie.
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  4. Tyler Breeze
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  5. Bray Wyatt followed closely by The Authority, at least when Triple H and Steph are in full heel mode like they were last week and last Fall.
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  6. I could listen to Punk for 3 hours of RAW
  7. sounds like a good way to torture someone to death
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  8. Its Orton lads
    listen to what he says, the man does not have resort to friverlous catchphrases or vacous threats
  9. I'm very surprised that heyman never got a single vote
  10. Paul Heyman by an absolute mile. I actually don't find anyone else that engaging since probably heel CM Punk.
  11. How in hell does Bray Wyatt go over Paul Heyman. He's only been on e roster for half a year excluding NXT.
  12. It doesnt matter how long u been in the business, if someone is better than you, than they're better you. I'm a huge Heyman fan but Brays got it right now.

    i would've said Orton 2 years ago, but now he's been in complete bitch mode. all he does is complain whenever he cuts a promo, its gotten annoying.
  13. blame the company feeding him shite material
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  14. Bray does not have it right now. He's still got a long way to go, he's got a good start though.
  15. But he's by far the one of the best in the WWE right now. cmon who can compete with him? Cena?? Daniel Bryan?? CM Punk was good but he's long gone now.
  16. Still hasn't done anything mind blowing. I'd take Heyman over him any day.
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  17. ok i give u that. its just a matter of opinion and im a huge Heyman fan. but outside those two, who else has "IT"? i would love to say Dean Ambrose but he just doesn't get enough mic time.
  18. I'd vote for Ambrose, but he hasn't had the opportunity to shine. Since he's been on the main roster he hasn't really cut anything that had me saying "Damn". For that reason Wyatt takes it for me, every promo he cuts is grade a quality and they only seem to get better.
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  19. Wyatt, followed by Heyman and The Authority.
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