Puro Who deserves to be IWGP Heavyweight champ?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Sep 4, 2013.

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    There have been many great IWGP heavyweight champs throughout New Japan's history. Tanahashi, Nakamura, Inoki and so on. The list is long. But is there any wrestler for New Japan that has never held the belt, past or present that you think deserves it? To have at least one reign with arguably the best belt in pro wrestling today.

    In my mind there is one man that definitely deserves it.

    Wrestling's ill intentioned bad boy. Minoru Suzuki

    Such a fricking champ.

    Who do you think deserves a run with the IWGP top belt?
  2. Hirooki Goto deserves another run.
  3. Goto had such a good run. But then he broke his jaw :sad: His matches with Shibata was da shit.
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