Who did Hulk Hogan elevate during his WWE Run

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  1. When he fought main events, how many times can you say that he helped bring someone up to his level?

    Did he elevate anyone? Macho Man was already elevating himself when he was in the mega power with Hogan. Warrior was already over for two years and getting bigger reactions than Hogan when they fought at Mania. Andre the Giant was Andre the Giant.

    Name some guys that he elevated during his run, someone that was made into a main eventer from working with him.
  2. Well, an obvious candidate would be the Ultimate Warrior. Although he was already developing at a good rate, winning the title from Hogan solidified his career and made him a main eventer. Not only that, he was also the Intercontinental Champion at the same time.
  3. Utimate warrior is the only one i can remember. Hulkamania ran le wilde and buried fuckers from what i remember.
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  4. That's not so much how the business worked back then. Who did Bruno Sammartino elevate? Heels were never meant to become anything other than someone to beat up Hulk for 10 minutes before he kicked them in the face and lowered his leg across their throat. It wasn't really Hogan's fault, just the way the company was. He definitely elevated Warrior though.

    I don't mind him not elevating people during the HUlkamania days, but its the WCW days of running wild that are inexcusable. The Sting example obviously coming to mind the most.
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  5. lol all the backstage talks tend to blame Hulk for not letting anyone go over him besides jokes who would never main event.

    He was and is a huge piece of shit, we love him for what he was 30 years ago.
  6. You remember when Michaels oversold everything when he found out that he was gonna lose to Hogan? HBK's such a badass, haha.
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  7. That Sting ending man... wtf. He is a bastard for that. Sting deserved the legit rub, instead it was just the first step in a long line of things that turned people off to WCW. Because the build was soooooooo perfect. Everything until Bret Hart shows up....
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  8. To be fair HBK was an even bigger baby and put even fewer people over than Hogan in the 90s, so he is sort of just a hypocrite. But yea that shit was funny.
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  9. Think ya quoted the wrong post but yeah I hear you. I think everyone realized that after the screwjob. Why do you think HBK lost his smile when he retired? He couldn't bury anyone anymore.
  10. Wasn't the smile when he didn't want to put over Bret at Mania? Thank god for that since we got the GOAT mania match instead. Thank you baby back bitch HBK, thank you!
  11. lol you fucked up quoting man.
    probably one of the worst things ever.

    To be fair your boy Nash did that shit to goldberg...wrote himself getting over him and shit lol.

    The Kliq was the shit, but the only one who really sold was Hall.
  12. The streak was stale. Nash was over. He ended the streak. Big deal.

    the only terrible part was the finger poke
  13. lol guys remember when kidman went over the hulkster?
  14. it was one of the worst ever, and the streak was still huge as fuck. He did it for himself and you know it. If anything nWo was stale and he tried using it as a pedestal to keep them on top
    there was a thread about this earlier. I have to blame it on money and the fact Hogan knew people wouldnt call it memorable.

    It honestly makes me wonder how people think hulkamania trotting down to the Rumble pit will be great even if he tries to bury anyone there? I hope to god when he takes out ziggler (since it will have to be against guys who sell well like Ziggy and Dust) Ziggler oversells that shit like a god and it gets him back on track.
  15. Anyone remember Horace Hogan?
  16. You must be rewriting history or something. Goldberg was boring as fuck at that point because he had beaten everyone and nobody ever expected him to lose. I was a 7 year old mark at the time, a KEVIN NASH mark mind you, and my Dad asked me if we should get the PPV (we watched Nitro and would decide if we buy PPVs.. for most of 96/97 we did and parts of 98.) I told him no and went to my Uncle's house to play NCAA 99. I hated Goldberg. I would shit on the streak. It made Goldberg too one dimensional and it had to go.

    as far as Nash doing it for himself or NWO being stale, NWO Wolfpack was over as fuck. All of my friends had wolfpack merch and they were selling that shit like hot cakes in 98. Nash was over as fuck bro, don't be a hater.
  17. Was Goldberg heel at the time? I forgot.
  18. lol i was like 12 at the time, and i can promise you goldberg was as over as nash if not more. Nash is one of my all time favorites but thinking he didnt play a role in creative when it's documented is laughable bro.

    Nash wrote himself to win vs goldberg, and the streak would have been 10x more impressive had he gone over big sexy instead of jobbing to a fucking eye poke and shit. Come on man.
  19. I should also mention here i hated goldberg and marked when Nash won, just not HOW he won. It was such a cheap match all around.

    And the wolfpac sucked, remember how bad the shit got after the company wars? That must have been in 99 or 2000 though....that shit was SO BAD.
  20. No. He was just a less over face than Big Sexy.

    Guess who gets the bigger response during the entrance?

    Big fucking sexy. every mark in the crowd has their kliq sign thrown up
    Where did I deny he bookd himself to do it? I know he did, I'm not a fucking idiot lmao. And it was a stungun, not an eyepoke, wtf?

    edit: my point was he had good reason to book himself to end the streak. He was the fucking man :pity2:
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