News Who Did Rolling Stone Name 'WWE Wrestler Of The Year' (So Far)?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 1, 2015.

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  2. I had to think about that for a few moments and I think I have to agree with them on Kevin Owens. All of the rest is just way too much to go into.
  3. I agree mostly.
  4. I agree with the majority of it.
  5. Worst PPV/WWE Network-Exclusive Event: Tie: Payback/Royal Rumble

    Most Gratefully Non-Future-Endeavored: Woo woo woo! Zack Ryder

    -Kevin Owens: YES! I'm not even sure how debatable this is. He's carrying two whole shows for them with very little help.
    -Roman Reigns... I'd go Cena over him with the open challenge gimmick, but to each their own. Every single Reigns match has overdelivered and he deserves so much credit
    -New Day: Not debatable. Maybe you can say "they're too entertaining to draw heat" but nobody else is drawing any on Raw
    -Brock Lesnar: Most avoidable award? I guess
    -Sheamus/Naomi: No, it's Naomi. Fuck Sheamus. But it's not really "Best heel turn" as much as "Oh my goodness they're actually doing something interesting with a Diva!"
    -Adam Rose: He turned heel?
    -Nikki Bella: Credit where credit is due, but I'd take Ryback or Roman here over her
    -Bray Wyatt: When I think "Silliest", early Roman comes to mind, but Wyatt is the worst so you won't get any argument
    -Cena/Owens: No, it's Owens. By far. He's almost redefining promos for me right now from "Something you judge a performer on their ability to do" to "Listening what a guy has to say". Novel concept. Cena sucks
    -Ryback: Come on, this is EASILY Roman Reigns.
    -Noooo, I like Neville's entrance gimmick :emoji_slight_frown:
    -Pedigree... When you bring in the absolute stupidity of the Curbstomp being banned this is a no-brainer
    -Red Arrow, damn right.
    -SO disagree with the Prime Time Players since it became a see-through push for that good dad award, and how the New Day >>>>>>>>>. Kidd and Cesaro finally doing something was long overdue
    -Least Compelling Title Challenger: Can we redo this with "Worst Champion" and give it to Barrett? Pathetic. Big Show >
    -Most Stagnated Storyline is this Authority melodrama and all these stories of what's Motherfucking Kane going to do
    -Best Briefly Resucitated Storyline... Heath Slater vs Every Guest Star Ever, and Analyst Snow's random gimmick changes.
    -Most Unfortunate... No disrespect to Tyson, but the Bryan one is the most unfortunate. Every single injury sucks though.
    -Mania, sure, why not
    -Worst WAS Royal Rumble. That was an unreal disaster.
    -Most Gratefully Non-Future-Endeavored: Whoever wrote that category
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  6. Eh, never cared for the magazine is something I never cared for. Good for them though for saying Kevin Owens did best so far.
  7. Didn't the Royal Rumble PPV have that awesome triple-threat for the title with Lesnar, Rollins, and Cena?

    Amazing how a terribly-booked rumble match can change your perception of the entire show.

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  8. The Rumble event this year had the potential to be so much better than it was. I recall them setting up a rivalry between Ryback and Rusev over the United States Championship for about three weeks or so leading up to it (Ryback even became the first guy to ever pin Rusev, even though it happened at a house show and was never mentioned on television), but then it was abandoned when Ryback was "fired" (along with Rowan and Ziggler) as a result of Team Cena's guys all being punished by a re-emerging Authority for competing against them at Survivor Series. Not that Rusev vs Ryback would have been a show-stealer or anything, but it had potential to be a good match and a good title program (and a fresh opponent for Rusev to boot) and it would have boosted the undercard a little bit.

    Something like Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler would have been awesome, too. There was reports that said they were considering doing Triple H vs Ryback at the Rumble but then they backed out of it. HHH vs Ziggler would have been a much better match and also made more sense considering Ziggler was the sole survivor against HHH's team a couple of months prior. It just seemed like a waste not to make something more out of that.
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