Games Who didn't make it into the game that you expected/wanted to?

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  1. The Usos were the biggest surprise to not be in the game for me. I think 2K is gonna release one more DLC Pack like THQ did with Kane from '12. I was really hoping for Bo Dallas since he was in the Royal Rumble and had that mini feud with Wade but NOPE. Poor Bo :emoji_cry: and last but not least....this beast of a man should have made it!
  2. Would love to see some more old rasslers there too. That's what I hate about wrestling games, they have a lot of useless rasslers you can (but will never) use but you don't have the guys who received a great push
  3. No torito no party
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  4. Del Rio's Fiesta> Torito's party
  5. Regal.
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  6. The Usos for sure. They were heavily featured on TV this year, more than they ever were. Leaving them out of the main roster is bad, not having them as DLC is ridiculous.
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  7. Usos, Axel, Maddox, and of course Bo "GOAT" Dallas
  8. No love for The Blue Blazer or Doink :facepalm1:
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  9. Bob Backlund.
  10. His control scheme would be split in half...half the buttons are to flip out the other half instant chicken wing
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  11. Nothing more would be necessary. :awyeah:
  12. I'd love to kick Backlund's pathetic ass seven days a week and twice on Sundays.
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  13. Also if it had an arcade mode and gave each wrestler a super move like in wwf raw for snes
  14. Why would he be added? He has had one match in NXT this year.
  15. How many matches has Virgil had?
  16. Virgil is there as a joke and we all know it haha
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  17. Virgil is a goat.
  18. Didn't ask for your opinion on the matter.
  19. You didn't need to ask.
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