Who do the tag champs feud with?

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    So since Chavo and Hernandez have both feuded and gotten completely outclassed by Morgan and the Organ, Bad Influence, AND the Dirty Heels, who's left for them to feud with?
  2. Someone mentioned Bischoff/Brisco, and honestly I don't think that's such a bad idea. Sure, they're pretty meh but anything beats Team Mexicant, and if they go over it would help A8s look even more dominant.
  3. I don't see any reason they can't feud with Bad Influence some more. Kaz and Daniels are always in the mix and deserve to be 10 X WTTCOTW
  4. I'd like to see them against bad influence. Maybe against A&Es too...
  5. Nobody. I'll break their legs so they can't compete anymore, thus having a tag team tournament in Impact wrestling for the championships.
  6. Do it please, DO IT SOON! I like Chavo but not the team at all tbh. And the idea of having a tag team tournament is amazing imo
  7. Bad influence, again. They need to be on TV every week and arent going solo anytime soon unfortunately.
  8. DOC & Knux
    Bischoff & Brisco
    Joe & Magnus (small chances though)

    And they can still do a couple of matches with AA/BR and WTTCOTW.
  9. I'd like that matches, the brotherhood against Chavo and Hernandez would be a good tag championship match that would win the brotherhood
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