Who do u think should be the raw GM?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lackin, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. was aj a good decision or not who should be the RAW GM?
  2. I'm not a fan of her as the GM at all, I'd have preferred Foley or Regal. One outside shot would have been ADR buying his way into power, it could have flopped sure but I could see potential in him dominating the show. Say he bought a spot on the board and manipulated the other members to vote for him.
  3. AJ is not GM material i say Vince should be or HBK
  4. Seabs need to learn to mod.

    Moved to RAW. I'd have Regal as GM personally.
  5. AJ doesn't deserve nor need to be General Manager. I myself, would pick Paul Heyman.
  6. How funny would it be with Stone cold telling people what to do :finger:
  7. I would also be okay with this, mainly because it's a great way to introduce Ambrose.
  8. Happened before, Stone Cold was co-General Manager of Raw when Eric Bischoff was there.
  9. I love Austin but his gimmick requires kicking people's asses, not great for new talent.
  10. Paul Heyman, and after SS he takes over the buisness.
  11. JBL. Maybe they wouldn't want two similar gimmicks on the same show (Del Rio being the other) but I don't think that would be a problem at all. Especially since JBL wouldn't really need to flaunt his money around.
  12. Forgot about this sex machine. If they had Lesnar full time it'd be perfect.
  13. I know, I wish they did winner at SS takes over the buisness or keeps it, it would make sense aswell because Heyman said if you hit me I'll have your buisness and sue him HHH hit him, and Heyman didn't do anything about it, stupid booking once again.
  14. That would be awesome, it'd open up a path to changing the WWE which looks like something WWE are trying to do slowly.
  15. Exactly, it would have made the match much more exciting and personal.
  16. Yeah, I already know how AJ's GM run is going to be based on the past few weeks. Typical face GM screwing heels. I would've picked Flair is he was available.
  17. I love AJ being the GM.
  18. Either William Regal or an off-air board of directors. No more GM storylines please
  19. William Regal for sure
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