Who Do You Class As The Best In The World?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Yesterday my trainer called Prince Devitt the best in the world and it got me thinking, Who is the best in the world in your opinion? This covers ALL OF WRESTLING so not just WWE. Mine is Daniel Bryan.
  2. Mine of course is the greatest man that ever lived! JK, but he's in my top 10
  3. Hiroshi Tanahashi or Shinsuke Nakamura. Constantly puts on good grade matches and gets the crowds involved. So damn consistent that they have to be considered in my book.
  4. Just remembered that video you sent me once where you defeated Cena to be the WWE champ
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  5. New Jack.
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  6. lol'd
  7. Aries imho. He never has a match or segment that doesn't entertain me. He is the total package, minus size.
  8. Bobby Roode, dude put himself over as heel champion of the world, and really built up that A double win. They are both going to be amazing, but i loved the roode reign > i liked a-doubles. I will say i love x-division matches and aries has had some of the best matches ive seen yet in both categories.
  9. Kurt Angle. He won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck! Hands down... Best wrestler in the world.
  11. Definitely Kurt Angle.
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  12. Gotta be Austin Aries. He can play both the heel and face role very good, he puts on great matches, and his segments are gold.
  13. *someone hip and unknown*

    Anyway, idk.

    If we're talking pure wrestling then DB
    If we're talking "superstar" then Cena
    If we're talking pure all-around entertainment then probably a toss up between Aries and Bryan
  14. I was mainly talking about wrestling tbh. Not really mic skills because I think with mic skills theres ways to hide that with a manager or something.
  15. Angle is no where near the best.
  16. Punk, or Bryan.
  17. lol Punk

    I believe Punk is classed as the best because he is an all rounder He is great in the ring, On the mic and can work face and heel. But theres many better wrestlers.
  18. Yeah there are many better wrestlers. Your point? I believe he's one of the best all rounders.
  19. I was just saying, Its your opinion. Surprised no one has mentioned Devitt
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