Who do you least like seeing atm on RAW/SD?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Which superstar do you least like watching on RAW or SmackDown atm? Who pisses you off the most? I think mine would have to be Sheamus, he's just unbearable to watch at the moment. Coming in a close second is Big Show and John Cena.
  2. Sheamus. Definitely Sheamus.
  3. Cena by a country mile on Raw. Don't watch SD, so idk about that.

    Sheamus is bad but nothing near Cena's level of awful. Cena vs Ace, Cena vs Cole, just unbearable bullshit.
  4. Cena, Punk, Ryder, Clay, and Santino
  5. That's opponents taking into account. I mean in general. Cena vs Brock or Sheamus vs Brock, which would you prefer for example?
  6. The Entire Main Event Mafia. Cena. Sheamus. Punk. Orton when he comes back. In that order.
  7. Booking has to be taken into account. Cena's segments ever since the Brock match have been the worst thing ever.
  8. True. I kind of meant in general though. If you had to sit through an up-and-coming ME segment, but you don't know what the segment is about, who would you least like to see?
  9. Cena.


    Your sig is hilarious
  10. Anything insulting Jerry, Sheamus and Vince but praising Ziggler deserves the sig spot :boss1:
  11. Cena, Punk, Big Show, Sheamus and Orton, all boring as hell, but i bet D-Bry could get match of the year contenders from every single one of them.
  12. Sheamus. We see him more times per episode than Hulk appears on Impact.
  13. Cena and Sheamus mainly, of course. Cena has been shoved down out throats every show on the last few years, and they're trying to make Sheamus the #2 Cena. Other guys who I don't enjoy that much would be Show and Santino, I guess. Show is... Big Show, and Santino's comedy segments could be used to develop actual storylines or something like that.
  14. Sheamus and ADR
  15. Sheamus , Big Show , Dolph Ziggler and Vicki
  16. Sheamus, he's just unbearable.
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