Who do you like the most out of these Great wrestlers/legends?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. I would like to hear your opinions, its interesting to hear your opinions on this. Please put in order, your favorite, and the favorites that follow in a sequence of who you like the best. 1st best(out of the list below), second best, 3rd best etc, and why?. (sorry I did not put any other wrestlers but these guys seem to all have the same wrestling style, I think).

    CM Punk

    Dolph Ziggler

    Chris Beniot(R.I.P)

    Eddie Guerrero(R.I.P)

    Daniel Bryan

    Bret Hart

    Chris Jericho
  2. 1.) Benoit
    2.) Ziggler
    3.) Eddie
    4.) Jericho
    5.) DB
    6.) Hart

  3. Daniel Bryan.
  4. Eddie Guerrero was my favorite out of everyone on that list. He had the charisma and in ring skill, something that's always not seen. When I was a mark he was only the second heel i cheered for, the first being Owen Hart
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    1. Chris Jericho
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Dolph Ziggler
    4. CM Punk
    5. Eddie G
    6. Bret Hart
    7. Chris Benoit

    Jericho, benoit, DB, DZ, Eddie, Hart. Phil brooks is carrying their shoes.
  7. Hart
  8. Benoit
  9. 1.Chris Jericho
    2.Eddie Guerrero
    3.Chris Benoit
    4.Daniel Bryan
    5.Dolph Ziggler
    6.Bret Hart
    7.CM Punk
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  10. Anyone putting Punk last gets a like from me.
  11. 1. Chris Jericho - I've been a big fan of his since I started watching.
    2. Dolph Ziggler - Big fan of him right now
    3. Daniel Bryan - I've been watching alot of his shit lately
    4. Eddie Guerrero - I remember singing the Latino Heat theme song everywhere.
    5. CM Punk - I liked him when he was in ECW and then I kinda forgot about him when I stopped watching wrestling for a couple years then I came back and he was pretty much on top of the world.
    6. Chris Benoit - I had like 3 of his action figures. Plus I used to always practice the Diving Headbutt at pools.
    7. Bret Hart - He never got over with me. Fuck Bret.
  12. some or half of you seem to be spamming my thread, please, no off-topic stuff. Limit your response to the thread, not anything that has nothing to do with this thread. Okay.
  13. 1. Chris Jericho
    2. Eddie Guerrero
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Chris Benoit
    5. CM Punk
    6. Bret Hart
    7. Dolph Ziggler

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  15. Yeah, I am new but that's not even the point. That's far from the point, I don't like people using my thread to exchange message's that have nothing to do with the topic.
  16. Then you've chosen the wrong forum man. In all honesty, most threads go off course here.
  17. Off topic bickering is what makes this forum so entertaining, even if you're just lurking. More entertaining than WWE itself, lol.
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  18. Well, I won't be getting a like. I'm such a CM Punk mark.

    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. CM Punk
    3. Chris Jericho
    4. Eddie Guerrero
    5. Chris Benoit
    6. Bret Hart
    7. Dolph Ziggler
  19. we all have our flaws
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  20. 1: Jericho
    2: Bryan
    3: Chavo's Uncle
    4: Ziggler
    5: Punk
    6: Krispen
    7: Bret

    All personal preference, really.
    Used to be a big sticker for ringwork, but now just love entertaining characters. Hence why Punk's lower
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