Who do you most want to turn heel/face right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Which superstars on either roster (like it matters anyway) would you want to turn? For example, would you want Randy Orton to turn heel? Or Cena to turn heel? Which character right now in your opinion needs a turn either way?
  2. Orton to heel for sure, maybe Sheamus too
  3. Kofi Kingston.

    There were rumours about it months ago and to the best of my knowledge he never turned heel. Hell, I don't think I've seen him on television in quite some time. I think it'd be interesting having a heel who uses the whole high-flying style, that the fans love, for evil motives.

    Shemus and Orton would be two other choices as they are just horribly boring as face wrestlers.
  4. Orton to be honest, Orton's last heel run was great, He had those great matches with Kofi, He had Legacy. and he had some great feuds.
  5. 1) Rhodes
    2) Orton
    3) Rollins
  6. I don't really care that much about any turns. Guys like Orton and Sheamus definitely need it the most, but I don't exactly 'want' that to happen. Seth Rollins is the one I care most about, I guess, and I don't even want that to happen just yet.
  7. No love for the beloved Cena heel turn here?
  9. He doesn't even count for me anymore, I've tried to forget about that lol. When it happens I'll mark still, but I'm bored of even thinking about it.
  10. Sheamus and Kofi.
  11. I wish The Miz went back heel. He has a smarmy presence about him that fits better on the villainous side and I've never been a fan of him. Plus, I'd like to see a feud between CM Punk and Miz, which would only work if Miz was heel. I have an idea on how that could get started (could even be how Miz goes heel), and Miz said himself in an interview recently that if he could feud with one guy on the roster of his choice, it would be Punk as they are polar opposites both on-screen and off. I'd like to see John Cena go heel eventually one day but not at the moment. That needs to happen at the precise time in order to capture the magic of it the right way.

    For turning baby face, no idea. Cody Rhodes maybe, because I suspect they're slowly building to it between him and Sandow. Seth Rollins too, but I'm not ready to see The Shield break apart yet.
  12. Gotta agree with Lockward. Miz as heel was better imo
  13. Since Ziggler finally turned, I'll say I would most want to make Sheamus a heel again. His face character is barely watchable, and the fans don't cheer for him very often. It would be an easy transition. He and DZ put on good matches together, so he can feud with Ziggler for the WHC this way. As over as DZ is right now I think Sheamus beginning to target him would get him a lot of heat.
  14. A Sheamus heel turn would result in dominant booking for a while. Poor Ziggler. No thank you.
  15. Ziggler would still go over in the feud. I knew you wouldn't agree to anything either 1.) Sheamus related or B.) Being good for DZ
  16. I despise Cena, but, a heel turn would be awesome, though probably not going to happen any time soon. Just so sick of his face bullshit, I want to see how much damage he can do as a heel. His last heel run was nothing, he wasn't a huge star at the time, so, most people barely even remember it. Now, he's over as fuck, a heel turn would be pretty cool.

    I wouldn't mind an Orton turn, but, fuck it if he is still going to be the same old boring bitch. He was the best when he was the Legend Killer.
  17. They need more top heels. Orton is like their #8 babyface now but would be their #2 heel.
  18. Rhodes turned. So I guess Sheamus would be next
  19. Cena to Heel, Orton to Heel, Rhodes to Face
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  20. Orton and Miz. Cena too, but a long shot though
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