Who do you really hate?

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  1. Sometimes kayfabe alludes us all, and there's one guy we just hate/hated. For example, I've always hated Ric Flair. Very unpopular opinion by myself, but I've just never been a hardcore fan of his. I appreciate how great he is, but I just dislike him in and out the ring. Same goes for Hogan.

    When I was much younger it used to be JBL. I understood WWE was fake, but wasn't as "smarky" as I am now to have a fetish for heels. I really really hated that guy. I think I used to call him "fatty fatty crap guy" I know, I rock the insults :wink:. Now he's in my top 5 all-time favourites. Currently it's HHH. Couldn't stand him as a face ever, can't stand him outside the ring now and only appreciated him in his heel days.

    Go. Your turn!

    Doesn't have to be strictly WWE if you don't want it to.
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    -Find his character unbelievably boring
    -Don't find him worthy of his status as the #2 Face in the WWE
    -Numerous stories of him being a complete ass hole to fans and other workers
    -Comes off as a smug pos in interviews, and even in the ring sometimes (match against Kofi comes to mind. He buried Kofi soon after)
    -Not his choice, but when he took the belt off of Christian 2 days after his first WHC Title win I could have murdered his ass

    I really can't stand his ass. I wish he would disappear from my television permanently. I like to play WWE 12 against his character, take a chair, and beat him over the head with it repeatedly.
  3. Jeff Jarret. He broke a thousand guitars and never drew a dime. Plus the way he booked himself to multiple title wins in the early TNA days.
  4. -JBL
    -Booker T in 2004
    -Kurt Angle in 2004
    -Ric Flair
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    Must admit I lol'd. @[RKO] is not going to be happy.
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  7. To be fair I'd hate Orton if he didn't change after having his kid. He seems pretty chill now.
  8. Have you seen his daughter yet? She's such a cute girl lol. How old is she now do you think? (Trivia)
  9. 6?
  10. No idea, glad he had her. I loved Orton as a heel, hated his face turn until he put over Henry, Rhodes & Barrett and went on to have so many good matches in 2011. No wonder he was listed as #2 in the world on Power Magazine I think it was or something.
  11. @[seabs], Fail :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. She isn't 6 then? It was just a guess :laugh: .
  13. Yea man so mad that I came into a thread and answered the question asked by the OP. Fuming
  14. Jack Swagger. I don't know why, I just really don't like the guy.


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  15. Actually used to hate William Regal too, now I love him...
  16. I love me some Jack Swagger. Great in the ring and great unintentional comedy out of it
  17. as an attitude era mark myself i always hated xpac i mean he was a good wrestler but i dont think i ever seen him wrestle on his own he was always in a faction e.g. dx nwo xfactor etc i always hated he relied on others. and i mean xpac i dont mean his 123 kid days
  18. Bet you were pretty scared when there was a rumour that he was returning at the Rumble :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  19. Nope, she was born in '08 @[seabs].
  20. ironically no because it would have been nostalgic lmao im confused