Who do you see develop into a nex top start in NXT?

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  1. With the new signing of El Generico, I kinda hope (crossing fingers) to see him get into the main roster and become a top star in the company, if, and only IF, they use him correctly. Don't f*ck this up, WWE...

    Kassius Ohno can esily become a major player in the WWE, given the right gimmick and the right momentum to run.

    Richie Steamboat. He's the son of the legendary Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and I really believe he deserves a chance at the main roster. I really find him good in the ring (from matches I've seen), and to me that is enough to get him to the main roster.
  2. Richie Steamboat can get the fuck off. We already have Bo Dallas. We don't need another un charismatic vacuum on the main roster.

    Ohno, Kruger, Wyatt, Generico, Neville, O'Brien, Paige etc. All of those can become big names in the WWE.
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  3. If you are asking who will be the top guy on NXT, probably Corey Graves. He declared anarchy on NXT and I believe he will get the title. This guy has potential. He is so cool.

    Who will be on main roster? Ohno, Adrian Neville, Paige, El Generico, Conor O'Brian, Corey Graves. Ohno and Generico has lots of knowledge but I think they are just getting them ready for main roster.
  4. Ohno came into the company main roster ready. As will Generico. The only reason to have them on NXT is to prevent them from getting rusty as they figure out what to do with them.
  5. I talked about it with one of my friends as well, he had the same opinion with you. You are right but in my opinion the actual reason is to get them ready for WWE. In indy's there isn't that big, long, hard schedule. Now they will have live events, house show, a lot of weekly shows they have to be in, so this is what they are trying to do. Also they are trying to improve their physique because their looks are weak. Take CM Punk when he came to OVW as an example. He was so skinny then he made a little body there. They are good talents but not ready for WWE. WWE is another different level for wrestlers.
  6. The NXT schedule is much lighter than the main roster one.

    Ohno has worked for years in the wrestling business, wrestling about 4 to 5 days a week at different events. He's wrestled for some of Japan's biggest promotions, who work just as heavy workloads as WWE. He's wrestled for ring of Honor, who has an almost identical work schedule to WWE. Same with Generico. These guys are more than ready. Generico is arguably the best babyface in pro wrestling.
  7. Ohno vs Generico for the WHC at WM 31 :yay:
  8. Cesaro vs Callihan for the WWE title as well and Ambrose vs Rollins for the IC title? :otunga:
  9. Ambrose vs DB for the WWE Title :happy:
  10. Generico if used correctly. Paige if they dont scrap Divas. Ohno for sure also is a cert.
  11. Agreed, but fuck Kruger.

    Riley is currently on NXT I think so him too.
  12. Richie Steamboat lol, he has no character, no gimmick, no nothing.
    Kassius Ohno is the one, along with Wyatt, Paige and Kruger.
  13. Wyatt, Ohno, Generico, Neville, Paige :gusta: