Politics Who Do You Side With?

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  1. Since I saw the thread about where people from WWEF fall on the political spectrum (can be found here).

    Using, Isidewith.com and using their 2016 Presidential Election Quiz, I want to see what candidate people align most with.

    Here is where you can take the quiz: How Republican vs Democrat are you?

    And here are my results:

    I in no way support Jill Stein and find her to be quite a bad candidate.
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  2. How can they do Donald Trump on there? Most of what he says is inconsistent. Don't believe me?

    Souce: Politifact.com (open)


    But I may do it despite being a Canadian.
  3. Pretty damn accurate

  4. [​IMG]

    I guess I agree on Trump with healthcare...even though I don't and that is more or less me rushing through my answers...
  5. I've taken this numerous times so I won't do it again but Steins and Clinton are my top 2 everytime.
  6. Where is the option to side with the giant metorite that should hopefully just fucking kill us?
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  7. [​IMG]
    LOL I'm sorry I couldn't resist......................
  8. Why is Harambe not an option?
  9. Because just like Harambe that meme is dead.
  10. You are supposed to be the resident conservative Christian southerner.
  11. If there's one thing I am used to, it's disappointing people.
  12. I'm late but this looked interesting. I got 79% Donald Trump.
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