Who do you think could replace the legends?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. WWE is in dire need of replacing the likes of Austin, Rock, HBK, Taker, HHH and even Cena, who are going to be those guys?

    I think Ziggler and Bryan will have careers like Chris Jericho & HBK, so I think we'll be safe there. But I'm not sure for any Austins, Cena's or Rocks. I think Punk could become as big as those.

    Anyway, discuss. :emoji_slight_smile:

  3. It's impossible to say, who would have thought the ruthless aggression kid would have become huge star? Or the Ringmaster?
  4. That's why it's a who do YOU think thread :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  5. Punk I think will become a legend and he will be known as something along the line of the Voice of the voiceless. The nickname just fits well with his punk lifestyle of saying what you want when you want.

    Sheamus will become one as well I think with the push he is getting. The great white will be a multitime champion in 5 years time props.

    Daniel Bryan will be a cross between Jericho and Edge I think. He is a conniving heel like both these men but we have also heard the commentators calling him things like the ultimate opportunist. A moniker given to Edge before. And just like both these men he can give one hell of a show in the ring.

    Ziggler will be a more HBK like guy, the heartbreaker, with a little Flair thrown in for good measure.

    Ryback I think and hope will be built like a Batista, Goldberg, Brock kind of character. A large unstoppable man. The only thing separating him from these guys is that Ryback has some serious ring skills compared to Goldberg and Batista and he is a way better talker than Brock ever was.
  6. I think Sheamus ends up filling the role HHH used to play. He can be a dominant heel, carry on whole conversations with just his facial expressions, get over as a face, but his character's actually a natural tweener who can be a chameleon so far as his role is concerned.

    CM Punk is filling the role that Austin basically originated, being the anti-authority anti-hero face. He's got a similar mic style to Austin, just edgier.

    John Cena is the modern Rock. Basically, he's got a lot of heel characteristics and he's the kind of guy that people love to hate, but he's got the right type of natural charisma that he just gets over.

    Bryan is the new Jericho. Smaller frame, can work a variety of styles, good on the mic, can get pops or heat. But he's going to be more comfortable as a heel (and he's probably going to have more fun that way).

    Rhodes is the new HBK. Tremendous amount of athletic ability, good mic worker, irreverent humor that can go over the top. And once he turns face, it's going to be hard to turn him back.

    Ziggler is the new Edge. Very similar style to Rhodes, but it's going to be hard to maintain him as a face. His natural inclination and personality fit a heel persona too well for him to stay over as a face for very long. And, even when he is a face, he's basically going to be an "anti-face".

    Ryback, from what I hear, is going to be built a lot like Hulk Hogan was. He's going to be Superman/He-Man/Face with a look very similar to Goldberg, but better in-ring skills. In a lot of ways, it's not going to matter how good he is on the mic, because it's going to be directed to kids (Say your prayers and take your vitamins, brother!)

  7. Yeah Ziggler and Bryan will have long careers.
    Not sure if Punk will be the one compared with Austin and Rock.
    If Morrison will come back, I'm sure he will have a nice and long career too.
  8. I see star potential in so many guys on the roster, ultimately it just comes down to who WWE books the right way.
  9. Rock ain't going anywhere bro. he aint comin back but hes not leavin either. plus hes only like 39. so its good as for tha other guys, cm punk would be good
  10. Rock gets more jelly for camera's then a wrestling ring. So you will never know if he's going to stay.
  11. Seriously?
  12. I wish he'd just take on the badass arrive, raise hell, leave attitude.
  13. Punk, Ziggler, Cody, Bryan, Shemus and for some reason I see Ryder managing it as well dunno why I just feel that he has something that the WWE could really market if done properly. Plus I would love to see Brodus become huge.
  14. I was feeling the same thing with Ryder.. :laugh:
  15. Lol I didn't expect much agreement on that one but I dunno I just see him being hugely marketable in the future and someone the crowd will route for as an underdog overcoming huge odds and making it to the ultimate crown.
  16. Then again isn't Zack already marketable? I'm sure his merch sold an absolute ton at one point. I agree with you btw just he might already be there.
  17. Yes he is a huge marketable factor right now but I see him hitting greater heights not sure how but I just have a feeling that he will end up being a legend somehow if they use him correctly.
  18. Merch is one thing, becoming a draw etc is another. Whether he's good enough to completely revamp the midcard I don't know, mainly because WWE won't give him a proper fucking opportunity/story-line.
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  19. See I don't even see him as a mid carder I dunno why but my gut tells me that somehow he's going to be a ME and become a huge drawer at that level I dunno why just something there that I see.
  20. He lacks mic skills, he lacks real wrestling ability, his slogan "take care spike your hair" is never going to last since he's balding already :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Unless he removes himself from the comedy persona and is still over, I don't see Ryder moving to the ME.
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