Who do you think is going to win HHH OR BROCK LESNAR?

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  1. Is Brock lesnar to strong or is HHH to pissed off? :bury: or :sweet:

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  2. Trips will go over IMO, I just can't see him jobbing after how personal they made the feud feel.
  3. HHH is the reason we have :bury:. HHH wins and it is clean as hell.
  4. It should be NO DQ
  5. I agree with Seabs, they've made it too personal, Can't see anything but Triple H going over.
  6. if cena could beat him and Triple H could (might)
  7. I won't give into the mainstream because :bury: and his :Shovel: might come. Bork Laser will deztroy Dripel aych
  8. sort your spelling out mate :haha:
  9. I see...

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  10. Bork Hogan > Bork Lesnar.
  11. I'm hoping for Lesnar, but without all the personal things, HHH would've won anyway.
  12. Bork smash.
  13. I share the opinions of those who say that unless it's against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, always bet money on Triple H winning. It's now blatantly obvious he isn't winning considering him breaking HBK's arm (or whatever he did) is the last that happens in this feud before the PPV and I can't see Triple H losing after that. But then, it also seemed obvious he would beat Cena at Extreme Rules (and didn't) so maybe they'll shock the hell out of all of us.
  14. ItS Immortal Bald Rogaine!!! noob :finger:
  15. HHH obviously. although i would prefer brock to win
  16. I love Twiple H so he will win.
  17. I can see Lesnar winning, actually. I'm torn. I could see HHH burying Lesnar after the feud became so personal and etc. but I believe Lesnar may walk out victorious, so they put him in some other big feud.
  18. we will have to wait to find out
    come on SS :upset:
  19. Lets go Bork Laser!! Tym to barwe teh gayme
  20. Brock has about as good a chance of going over HHH as you and I do.
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