Who do you think is the greatest manager of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. JBL constantly refers Heyman as possibly the GOAT manager, so I'm curious to read your opinions.
  2. Paul Heyman and William Moody!
    They are simply awesome!

  3. Gotta go with Bobby Heenan.

    He managed up to 10 wrestlers at the same time without losing focus of any of them. He dedicated time to all of them and all of them felt credible. Not many wrestlers can do that.
  4. Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan and Paul Bearer should be considered as top three, at least for me. But Heenan is probably the GOAT
  5. It's gotta' be Paul Heyman and Paul Bearer for me.
  6. The Brain takes it for me. He had it all, in and out of the ring. Also, weasel costume > all
  7. Bearer, Heenan and Heyman.

    Shout out for Miss Elizabeth though.
  8. Bobby Heenan for managing what is probably the largest group of wrestlers for one time. His stable went all the way back to the days of the AWA. Heenan is largely tied to a very important part of wrestling (the Golden Age/Rock N' Wrestling Era of the 80's), as Hulk Hogan spent most of his prime feuding with mostly just different members of the Bobby Heenan Family (King Kong Bundy, Andre The Giant, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Greg Valentine, Big John Studd, Harley Race, etc.)

    Paul Bearer is a close runner up. Like WWE said the week after his death, he's probably the most unique manager because he managed the most unique individual in WWE history. Most all managers do the typical promo work along with the talent they manage, but Bearer looked creepy and carried an urn that Taker supposedly got his "powers from" and took part in vignettes and videos of Taker preparing coffins for his opponents and stuff. Later, he would branch out and manage other bizarre guys like Mankind and Kane, one who pulled out his own hair and hurt himself physically and the other who was a physically/mentally scarred half-brother of the Undertaker himself. He's taken a whole trio of freakish individuals under his wing.
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  9. Paul Heyman definitely. But who can forget A.W? :dawg:
  10. I'll say Heyman because he has managed a lot of superstars. Also Bearer was a great manager

  11. Damn, I forgot about A.W!
  12. For sure Booby The Brain, Bearer and Heyman cant compare to him.
  13. Heenan, Heyman and Bearer are the Top 3 indeed.
  14. Havent watched the AE. So, from what I know.. Bearer and heyman. PG Era's best manager has to be Vickie BAM. (Considering Heyman has only been around recently)
  15. Heenan and it ain't even close IMO. Everything he touched turned to gold.

    My favorite work of his was with 'the Real World Heavyweight Champion" Ric Flair when Flair jumped to WWF in the early 90s

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  16. Pretty much sums it up. Both Paul Bearer and Bobby Heenan brought out the best in their wrestlers. Both have made their mark in the wrestling history both have managed wrestling legends of their Era.
    Jimmy Hart managed wrestlers like The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim the Anvil Neinhart) The Natural Disasters (typhoon and Earthquake)The Barbarian, Brutus Beefcake,Dino Bravo and adrain Adonis . He had many champions and was always entertaining.
  17. 5. Captain Lou Albano 4. Freddie Blassie 3. Jimmy Hart 2. Paul Heyman 1. Bobby Heenan
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  18. When I first read the title of the thread on my RSS Feed Reader, I thought it meant 'manager' as in Manager of a football team l0l.

    Heenan was a brilliant man, not just did he master the art of getting heat from audience, but he could then pass the heat he received onto the wrestler he was managing.

    He was ridiculously charismatic and his ability on the mic really helped convey the messages of his promos, people like Andre The Giant should have felt blessed to be associated with such a wrestling genius!
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