who do you think is the next opponent for the deadman at WM 29??

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by shrayan, May 5, 2012.

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  1. now that undertaker has beaten aimost all the big names currently in WWE like HHH who will the phenom face at WM 29 to make it even bigger??


    personally i think that to make this match even bigger the wwe will make it a fatal four way match or a match where multiple opponents will challenge the phenom for his streak
  2. Either Brock Lesnar (most likely) or John Cena (will probably be saved for WM30.)
  3. Lesnar.
  4. Lesnar most likely.
  5. Vacant.

    He will face John Cena at 30 though, the first time since Orton the streak will look like it's in danger of ending.
  6. Brock Lesnar will be facing The Undertaker.
  7. Sting probably. I believe Brock will face Rock.
  8. That is the better option, guessing this could happen. However, people such as [@Crayo] would argue that younger talent should go up against the big names while they have them such as The Miz against The Rock.
  9. It'd be awesome to have The Rock vs. The Miz but I don't think it'll hype up the WM and make it bigger than WM 28. Brock vs Rock on the other hand would definitely make it bigger.
  10. I'd wonder if Brock would have a fit getting out mic'd by the great one. Given Lesnar will be on his way out, Rock can take the 'mic cuffs' off.

    I'm not saying I won't like it, I'm saying Brock might not like it when Rocky lights into him.

    If Rock takes it easy and buddies up, he will be cheating ME of what I want to see.

    On that note, unless something unforeseeable takes place, I'll pencil in Taker/Brock
  11. it is better that taker faces no one!!!!! coz we already know who the winner is... HBK & HHH did not stand a chance against, so who else will be any different...

    UNLESS Brock Lesnar makes the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Rock hasn't been going easy friend.
  13. Isn't Lesnar meant to face Rock for WWE championship. Since both of them have the biggest star power? So either Cena or goldberg will face undertaker. Could be Austin. wk
  14. That would be terrible for 100 different reasons.
  15. Brock or Rock! AND IT WILL NEVER STING!

  16. Why Brock or Rock? Ugh.
  17. Why would it be terrible? They have the biggest star power. Brock and Rock for WWE Championship would break WM 28's record.
  18. Re: RE: who do you think is the next opponent for the deadman at WM 29??

    What good does it do long term ? Beyond saying our roster is terrible so we need to bring the old guys back. This mentality was responsible for killing future talent to an extent.

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  19. The match would suck. Rock has no gas tank and is blown before the bell rings just from his entrance. He wouldn't be willing to work a match like the one Cena did, and it would just wind up as a slow paced borefest with long spells of nothingness in between Rock doing his signatures (just like the boring ass Wm match with Cena).

    It does nothing long term, and keeps both guys from working with someone that I would rather see them work with.

    I don't wan to see it. At all.
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