Who Do You Think Ran Over Stone Cold?

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  1. As we've seen over the past few weeks, Stone Cold is now back from his one-year hiatus and relentlessly hunting down the man who ran him down with a car one year ago at Survivor Series. Given that Austin is out for blood and Commissioner Mick Foley is out to find the assailant as well, it's only a matter of time before we find out so the man behind the wheel was, so who do ya think it will be? The Rock and Triple H are the most obvious choices (especially the latter) and Kurt Angle debuted at Survivor Series last year on the very same night that Austin was run down and look at where he is a year later - getting a championship match pretty soon. If his goal was to take out the top dog, then I'd have to say it's worked in his favor so far. But then it could end up being someone else entirely.

    What do you think? Hopefully it's not someone completely predictable like HHH or something.
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  2. Uh oh, I think Lockard got himself into a time warp. :silva:
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  3. CM Punk, obviously.
  4. Alberto Del Rio... that's why he was fired. Oh, You Didn't Know?
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  5. Hulk Hogan and The NWO.
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  6. What
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  7. The idea wouldn't work NOW, but if Hulk Hogan had come back to the WWF last year, then Hogan honestly could have been the perfect choice then. Austin gets run over and then shortly after, a car could be shown trying to run over The Rock as well, but somehow The Great One just barely manages to jump out of the way and avoids being hit. Sometime later, Hulk Hogan returns and it's revealed (either by his own admission or because he's outed by The Rock) that he was the assailant in both scenarios. His purpose was to take out both of the top dogs so that he could easily reclaim his spot upon returning. Imagine this alternate booking scenario: The Rock defeats Triple H for the WWF Championship in late '99/early '00 but then drops it to a heel Hulk Hogan in the main event of Wrestlemania 2000 (the same basic ending - a heel walking out as champion, only Hogan is in HHH's place.)

    The only negative part about this is that Triple H would have had to relinquish his top heel spot to Hulk Hogan and HHH has been killing it as a heel in the past year. But going by this alternate booking strategy, they could have built Hogan up as a mega heel for the next year and then booked Austin vs Hogan as the main event of Wrestlemania X-7 (I assume Austin is winning the championship again there.)
  8. How do you know a heel walks out as the champ at WM 2000?
  9. It happened earlier in the year lol.
  10. michael mcgilicutty
  11. We're in 99 ashley.
  12. Such a random claim, why would they push that jobber?
  13. Stephanie McMahon
  14. :russo:
  15. Backlund
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  16. lol Read the first two sentences again. We're in late 2000, son.
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