Who do you think the 3 goons are..

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  1. That attacked Sting to close the show? Jeff Jarrett comes to mind. Masters comes to mind, but I'm not sure any of those guys were big enough to be him.

    So thoughts or guesses on who they might be?
  2. They looked to big to be jarrett IMO. I think it could possibly be Steiner. The one that had a dark green undershirt (you could see the sleeve sort of) might have been big enough to be him. If its big poppa pump I could see the fat one being Rick Steiner. And then maybe Dustin Rhodes? I know about big poppa pumps twitter rants, but maybe kayfabe?
  3. Yea I didn't think they were big enough to be Jarrett either. I do think he is probably behind it though; he sent some goons to take out Sting because he thought he should have been the first one into the TNA HOF (and I agree)
  4. As much as i'd like to assume they are younger talent, they clearly IMO looked like older, at least upper 30's. Honestly, the one who did the least amount of hitting and was moving weird looked like Scott Hall to me (i know 99% sure it's not) and i'm not sure who the others are, but they are clearly old(er) wrestlers, and all around the same height.
  5. Probably Hall and Nash, setting up The Band once again. Hey Yo!
  6. One of them is Hogan
  7. Re: RE: Who do you think the 3 goons are..

    Hogan as the third man on a huge swerve, god that seems original.

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  8. Hearing from a man that was live last night and live on previous Impacts that he thinks those are Jay Bradley (from Resistance Pro), Cliff "Domino" Compton and Mike Knox, as all three are big enough to be them, he kinda 'recognized' their movement, as they all worked dark matches before live Impacts.

    To confirm it, Masters has tat's on his arms, so it isn't him. :yes:
  9. They were all Joey Ryan. Sending a message :dawg:
  10. Who? Who? Meh.

    No thanks. I guess as long as they have a cool leader it'll be aight
  11. If Jarrett is their leader and they're ANY good in the ring, I'm cool with them. Here's a pic:

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