Who do you think the GOAT of WWEFORUMS Is?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. And I don't mean on gimmicks and usernames. I mean who do you genuinely think is the greatest user on the site?

    I'm just genuinely interested to see what people think.
  2. Dolph's...
  3. If I can't vote for myself I would vote for Seabs.
  4. legitimately? @[The GOAT Farooq]
  5. I would say Big Hoss.
  6. Seabs defined this forum for so long.
  7. Nobody. One person doesn't make a forum great, so there can't be a greatest. The active people, the HQ people, the staff, the chairmen, the people who make the new people feel welcomed, and people who give money to the site are the real goats of the forum.
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  8. Personally? Xanth and Anon. I highly doubt I'd have made a forum on my own without a team of friends (anon stfu we're friends) to chill and make it with. You need a break from it too, most of me and Xanth's convos outside of WF are about stupid shit.

    Forum-wise, Seabs, Hoss and Dolph's come up. Whether they like to admit it, we've always had this connection. Probably because at one stage it was Hoss promoting the fuck out of us and me Seabs and Dolph's posting.

    But now there's too many. The new users are just as good as the old users but because they're new you can't really consider them greatest of all time. We've been blessed with some amazing users

    Edit: Farooq nailed it on the head.
  9. What a faggy answer lolololol
  10. Dat Mount Rushmore of WWE Forums
  11. Thought you said make out with for a sec there. Bit too friendly.. :isee:
  12. We totally need a mount Rushmore of WWEForums. How much dynamite do you need to make it Dolph's? I know some chemists who could whip up some explosives
  13. where is anon anyway :emoji_slight_frown:

    i remember when Xanth was convinced i was anon :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  14. Ariana Grande
  15. I'll take what is a shitload for $500, Alex
  16. I'll see what can be lulz'd. True story a friend of mine worked for a year in a chemical lab handling explosive substances. One which caught fire at the slightest friction.
  17. I honestly think Crayo is. The fact that without him we'll all be strangers is amazing.

    If you'll talk about the posts I'm going with Seabs, Dolph's, and Hoss. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  18. I think I could make something like that. Not really versed at photo editing, but overlaying images with a crop and resize is easy enough.
  19. That was funny. I for a second thought you were too, for a SECOND.

    Anon only ever left for one month. He's still here to this day. :shock:
  20. why doesnt he post
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