Royal Rumble Who do you think will last the longest in the Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Occasionally in the Rumble match, there is one man who stands out the most or lasts the longest. This doesn't mean he'll win, but they'll give the fans somewhat hope. They usually let number 1 or 2 have the longest time in the ring, so it's our guess to see who that person is.

    My guess would be Dolph Ziggler since he's had somewhat of a role since Survivor Series and now that the Authority is back, he's screwed. Another guy I can see lasting the longest is Luke Harper.

    Who are your picks?
  2. Dolph sounds likely. I'm positive it has been done before, but Idk why I think it'll happen. Perhaps Bryan too, especially if he's not winning.
  3. Yeah, I can see a lot of people lasting long, especially Rollins.
    I think the only way Bryan comes out early is if he's on RAW leading up to the Rumble. If he just shows up at the Rumble, then he'll basically be entrant #15+
  4. Well, given the fact he's already announced he'll be there it's likely he'll be on Raw. But come to think of it, he may not be there so long because it'll be one of his first matches back from injury, not sure it'd be wise. But yeah, Rollins is a good mention as well.
  5. I don't really see a point of him being on RAW. Last week he was just announcing his return to the Rumble match, which basically means if he's on RAW, he serves no real purpose. I doubt he'd be wrestling on RAW and if he were, it would just weaken the presence of his real return.

    But lets say he is on RAW, he has back and forth promo's with The Authority, then I can see him lasting long in the Rumble match.
  6. Well, him bickering with the Authority could help get people excited for the show, I guess. But yeah, he may not show up again at all, who knows.
  7. ROMAN will last a long time I think
  8. Rollins.
  9. Bryan, Ziggler, Ambrose and Reigns.

    I see Rollins entering #30 or close to the end, knowing he's The Authority's golden boy, they shouldn't put him early in the Rumble.
  10. I say Ziggler and Daniel Bryan will last the longest... I think Bryan may even win it and surprise everyone.. but that's a whole other topic lol
  11. There's a large sector of fans that think DB will win too.. not sure if WWE will want that to happen having Lesnar vs DB that close to a pretty messed up injury that DB had as opposed to Reigns'.
  12. Brock will be gone after RR.. I don't see him sticking around until WM.

    I think Rollins cashes in at RR and it will be Rollins/Bryan at WM31... with the whole Authority coming back and DB coming back almost at the same time. Rollins is The Authority's poster boy and Bryan is the WWE Universe's poster boy. I just can't see a better scenario right now. Bryan makes his return and regains the title in his second huge Wrestlemania moment... once again overcoming The Authority to become champion... and then Reigns attacks him after he wins the title in a surprising heel turn as Wrestlemania goes off the air... there are so many different scenarios though.
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  13. You sure? His contract was extended to the RAW show right after WM31.. personally I think he'll be around after RR.
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  14. I guess he will then... I just don't feel he's needed. I wish Vince would wake the fuck up and start leaning on this younger talent instead of thinking everyone wants to see old men from 10-15 years ago wrestling. That's my frustration with WWE right now.
  15. Hopefully that's what they use the post-WM season for.. I would like to see it as well.. or give better chances to some people that haven't truly been tested.
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  16. Brock will definitely be at WM, and also he'll probably drop the belt to someone there. Imo that was the whole point of giving him the belt.
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  17. Correct.

    But it's lame he's defended the WWE-WHC less than Ambrose did with the US title. :dawg:
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  18. Sure. I don't disagree with @Just Kevin on how they rely on older stars at all, just pointing out that since they've given him the belt might as well have him hold until WM now to drop it in a big match.
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  19. I absolutely agree here.

    I'd hate it if he lost to Cena at the Rumble, though. So, I'm cool with him staying the champ all the way till Mania. Even though he's gonna go with the good, ole EAT. SLEEP. DISAPPEAR. REPEAT. But still, Lesnar > Cena.
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