Who do you think will win?

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  1. Who will win the RR 13?

  2. Sheamus, Cena or Orton.
  3. Ryback.
  4. The Undertaker.
  5. Who's that guy in 2004? Is that a camera guy?
  6. Re: RE: Who do you think will win?

    Shawn Michaels, it lead to his classic with HHH at WM. You know when HHH made him tap.
  7. :lol1: it's Chris benoit
  8. What the fuck are you guys talking about? :dafuq: That's not HBK and HHH lost his championship on his way to Wrestlemania that year, so him and HBK fought for a while and that's all. It never ended until Orton found the bag HHH left his championship in and became the World Heavyweight champion :otunga:
  9. Jesus the last two winners make me so pessimistic about this years Rumble.
  10. as I said it's chris benoit
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    Not much better before, a dull superman, a broken edge and a viper who can't cut a promo without sounding like he's reading from an algebra text book.
  12. Was a huge fan of heel Orton and have always been an Edge mark, so those were fine. Cena winning it is at least a top name who can entertain still. The last two hurt the most as they pretty much used the rumble to try and get them over, instead of giving them the rumble BECAUSE they were over.
  13. I want ambrose to win
  14. Sheamus got some pretty big pops when he turned didn't he?
  15. I can't even remember how or when he turned. Even now after he's being booked like a superman he gets mediocre reactions. He got some decent heat though on his first heel run iirc.
  16. He turned around Summerslam 2011 by basically being the only one dumb enough to get in the ring with Henry.
  17. I remember him getting a pretty massive pop in Mexico tbh, not sure on much else.
  18. Lol sort of remember, when Henry smashed him into the barricade?

    Everyone gets reactions in Mexico :pity1:.
  19. Yup. And Joey Ryan was sitting at ring side at just that section and sold it like it was a baby being shot with a bazooka.
  20. Yeah, I liked Henry for that (always believed he was over pushed talented but over pushed)
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