Who do you want Brock to put over?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Ziggler and Punk. Punk doesn't really need it though. It would be cool to see an actualy rivalry between Ziggler and Brock over the World title. If it's well done it could put Ziggler over the edge.
  2. Daniel Bryan. The match would be incredible too.
  3. CM Punk for the WWE or World Title!
  4. Bryan would be the best choice in terms of ring style, but Bryan is far too down the pecking order at the moment. Also i doubt Brock would lose to a new star it would only be the part timers.
  5. Bryan & Shield
  6. I'd rather see Brock win some matches and possibly the WWE title than put anyone over atm. Nobody that would realistically be in line to be put over by Brock interests me at this point.

    He probably isn't doing anything that matters since they are rumored to have given him even fewer appearances in this contract as compared to last year
  7. Brock's at that level where just pushing him put's guys over so on that ground Bryan, Punk, Reigns, Rollins and Ohno are my picks, Cesaro too. As for who I'd like to see him job to? Dean Ambrose, I'd love for Brock to beat him to a pulp as Ambrose laughs and just screams is that all you got Brocky?
  8. Lesnar to beat HHH at ER. Next day on Raw, Heyman comes out saying Lesnar now wants a title shot and so Ziggler and Brock clash, etc..
  9. Ryback before he apparently turned heel.

    I remember last year thinking it was possible for them to go this route with Wrestlemania. One of the endings suggested for the HIAC match at the PPV of the same name was Heyman calling upon Brock to help Punk retain the title. This would have planted the seeds for a Ryback/Brock feud. Ryback is a legitimate opponent for Lesnar that people can buy into, and Ryback shell shocking Brock and defeating him cleanly would have been a huge feather in his cap.

    I'm not a big Daniel Bryan fan but I can imagine an underdog match between him and Brock. I absolutely would not want to see Bryan defeat him, but if it was booked in a "How long can Bryan last?" way, it could still do wonders for Bryan. Bryan is small, but you can play up how internally, he's one of the toughest guys in the company, perhaps every much as tough as Brock is. He can also his technical prowess to his advantage. Brock ultimately wins, but Bryan still looks daring and tough for his effort. The thread title is Who Do You Want Brock To PUT OVER, not who you want Brock to lose to. Booking it this way would do that. He would have to drop the YES stuff for this feud to work, though.
  10. Everyone else who's name is not Cena or Triple H
  11. I would like to see Cesaro go over. He has had a great run as the US champion, and has proved that he is a strong, and smart fighter, so a feud with Lesnar could be interesting. Another would be Daniel Bryan since the match would be amazing :yay: That's the only two right now that I have, aside from the obvious Shield group.
  12. He'll put over Triple H, who will then go on to win all 4 belts and rename himself god.
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  13. Mostly Daniel Bryan (with a more serious character).
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  14. Imagine how good a stiff Bryan/Lesnar match could be.
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  15. I am positive that would be a HELL of a match! :yes:
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