Who do you want HHH to face?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan

  2. Big Show

  1. Big Show, or Daniel Bryan? Both feuds can be built easily. Although it looks like they're going to go with Bryan & Punk vs Wyatt's, but hey, who would you rather face HHH?
  2. Currently Show, the story is too well built for it not to happen. Also its too early for Bryan HHH.
  3. No one. I have no enthusiasm for the main storyline anymore and want it to end as soon as possible. The thought of it continuing on to WrestleMania is making me consider stopping watching WWE for a bit.
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  4. Even if a couple of the segments with Show/HHH have been decent, mainly from good crowd reaction, I still don't think I'd be bothered at all with a match between the two. I'd say Daniel Bryan, but even that one I wouldn't be too excited about. The whole Authority angle has already lost all its steam honestly.
  5. HHH vs. HHH (Hollywood Hulk Hogan)

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  6. I want a repeat of Warrior/HHH.

    >No Sell
    >Body Slam
    >leg drop
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  7. Retirement.
  8. The entire offensive line up of the Baltimore Ravens...
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  9. I thought I'd be alone voting for Show, but yea Big Show for sure.
  10. Uh why? :harvey:
  11. Should be an option for Both.

    The match with Show has been built up brilliantly and I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm looking forward to seeing Bryan/HHH more but that match is being saved for later.
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  12. Looking forward to HHH/Bryan, HHH/Show is useless for me but at least the built is fine.
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  13. Both matches, but Big Show right now and Daniel Bryan later. Triple H should retire The Big Show permanently in his match to have a bunch of heat going into his inevitable loss to Daniel Bryan.
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  14. I think Triple H should face Show at Survivor Series than at TLC it could be Hunter vs Orton vs Big Show for the title in a TLC match, I think Hunter should have one more title run or a few more cause Trips is my fav, Also if this happened I bet Triple H would be active in competition as the champ.
  15. HHH v Orton v Show for the belt?

    O RLY?
  16. Yes. Really....
  17. I'm not sure why Triple H would wrestle Orton for the title. Walk me through it.
  18. As they say, anything can happen in the WWE. Have you ever heard that quote?
    Also to answer you're question maybe Orton losses the WWE title to Big Show a enraged Triple H says hes done trying to pick a face of the WWE and that he is the real face of the WWE and wants the title thus Triple H tries to make himself the face of the WWE because he is tired of the BS with "B+ players becoming WWE champion"
  19. Does that seem likely to you?
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