Who do you WANT Punk to drop the title to?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. We had a thread asking who you think he will - well let's ask who do you want him to. Ziggler I think will be a very popular answer here, but please state the circumstances on how Punk drops it.

    Personally, although it contradicts my infamous views on old wrestlers returning - I'd want Brock too, only because I have an imaginary fantasy booking story-line where Johnny Ace takes WWE back to its roots and Brock Lesnar is the point of the spear doing that. A massive stable builds behind Brock and you have an Attitude Era vs Current Era feud. Have them put over the new era eventually and launch a brand new WWE.

    Anyway, go.
  2. Ideally Wade Barrett, it's shame he's injured tbh.
  3. Can't say Wade due to injury. Pick again boyo.
  4. Either Barrett or Rhodes should be going to Raw, whichever one goes should be the one to win the belt. I'd prefer Rhodes but you can't go wrong with either.
  5. Fine then :sad:

    The Miz as a reward for winning Johnny the tag match, directly after Punk beats Jericho at ER.
  6. I'd mark for Mizanin to come take it, I won't lie.
  7. Chris fucking Jericho at ER.
  8. I'd mark for Miz taking it and it could also be used for a Miz face run. Bare with me and I'll explain.

    Have Miz get the title like Seabs predicted. By Johnny giving it to him in a MITB style scenario. Miz looks confused or torn after the win and we see him like this for one or two weeks. Just going through the motions. Then Johnny tries solidifying his iron rule by having Miz and say Otunga take out a Johnny opposition member. Say Santino. Miz is asked to break Santinos leg with a chair and he looks like he is about to do it and just when he looks ready he instead pounces on Otunga. Beats him up and cuts a promo on how he is fed up with Aces business methods backstage and swears he will fight him every step of the way. Johnny comes out to fire the Miz on live TV. Miz reveals that johnny signed all the members of team johnny to one year iron clad contracts in which they cannot be fired after WM.

    Boom. Miz spends the summer as one of the frontrunners of the modern eras in the reign of Ace feud. Miz comes out as a fighting champ. Battling his way through all the heels Ace throws at him. Often using his heel tactics. Making the crowds love him by being a bit of Stone cold and Eddie guerrerro. Doing what he wants and cheating to win.
  9. I'd love a face Miz run but it needs to be perfect, he can't be a generic face or he'll die.
  10. That's why he should be a Eddie styled face. Not afraid to cheat and have fun on the job :otunga:
  11. I want it to be Wade as I HUGE FANS OF HIS! Would like to seen get over as the big heel star!But It will not until he back into to win the SMACKDOWN MITB but he would go for the World Title if that have been which at this point means nothing! So it going to be either The Rock or Brock Leaser at SummerSlam!

  12. If Brock was back full time then I would say him but since hes not then Dolph would be a perfect opponant to drop the title to
  13. Would love to see Wade get a title atm. Not watched SD recently where is Wade btw?
  14. Out with a elbow injury for at least six weeks. This was right after EC
  15. Cheers pal missed that somehow! :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. It was in that "10-man Lets Bury the Rumble Even More" Battle Royal. Blame Big Show
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  17. Yeah I saw that never realised he was legit hurt though! Had a lot on tho. Look forward to his return though as the guy rules hate him but love him so much more so good.
  18. Same as Dolph.
  19. Yep. "Lets do a completely unnecessary and dangerous spot where we have a big botching oaf launch a small guy out the ring, oh and lets make the guy who injured his arm the night before catch him!"

  20. If it was up to me, Ziggler or Bryan. Say Punk wins at ER, Ziggler wins a crap filler match since they won't give the guy the spotlight and Bryan's match ends with controversy (AJ interferes, he's got Sheamus in a small package but the ref doesn't count and it ends up costing him, IDK).

    The Raw after the PPV Jericho comes out and asks for one more match. Punk says he's already beaten him twice, so there's no reason for that. Ziggler shows up and says he's tired of being an aftertought and did win his match the night before, so he also deserves a match. Bryan comes too and says that crappy refereeing/AJ/whatever cost him the WHC, so he should get a shot at the WWE Title to make it up for him. Johnny gets on stage and says he agrees with all three of them, then schedules the main event for the night: Punk vs Jericho, Ziggler and Bryan in a one on three handicap match: whoever pins Punk is the #1 contender.

    Main event: OK, the three dominate Punk for a while, then when Ziggler is in the ring and has Punk set up for the Zig Zag, Vickie tries to distract the ref while Swagger hits Punk with brass knuckles, however, the referee sees it and the match ends on a DQ. The show ends with Bryan, Jericho and Ziggler arguing. The next week, Ziggler opens the show and calls out Swagger and Vickie. They apologize to him about costing him his title shot, but he gets pissed and hits Swagger with the Zig Zag, after that he ditches Vickie.

    Later on, Johnny is in the ring addressing the situation when Punk comes out and makes fun of him because the handicap match he tried to set up to screw Punk backfired, Johnny gets mad and announces that as a result of no one pinning Punk last week, all three of them will challenge for the title at Over the Limit in a Fatal 4 Way match. The main event is Punk, Sheamus and Cena (just two random faces, could be anyone) vs Bryan, Jericho and Ziggler. All hell breaks lose in the ring as always, and Bryan accidently hits Ziggler with a roundhouse kick in the middle of the mess, ring gets clean and Punk pins Ziggler (legal men). After the match, Jericho, Bryan and Ziggler end up brawling, with Jericho standing tall in the end. The following week, the main event is Punk vs Bryan. After we enjoy the match, Ziggler and Jericho come out in the end and attack both, Ziggler lays Jericho out with the Zig Zag to close the show. The last show before the PPV, Punk vs Ziggler, Bryan and Jericho interfere again, then Bryan is the one standing tall until Punk pummels him and ends the show raising the title above his head.

    In the PPV we have the fatal 4 way, Ziggler or Bryan win. I'd like to see that.
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