Who do YOU want to beat The Shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Well since it's eventually going to happen, who do you want to beat The Shield?

    Hypothetically I'm thinking the team will have Cena in it somewhere, but personally i'd like it to be some completely wild card wrestlers.

    for exmaple, who better to save the WWE than say.....

    I can easily see this with a Shield promo and then all you hear is "Stand back, there's a hurricane coming"

    This ofcourse being fantasy and would probably never happen, but who would you pick to defeat The Shield?
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  2. I made a thread a short awhile ago talking about how I don't want anyone to beat them as far as six man tag team matches go. Have them lose singles matches, which Ambrose did to Undertaker last week. Have them lose even tag team matches where only two thirds are wrestling, which they'll have to do eventually if they win the tag titles in the first place (since they'd also have to drop them at some point as well.) I love the idea though of saying that when they were all three in the ring together, no combination of any three men could defeat them. Michael Cole (or Jerry Lawler, forgot which) even said on Raw something similar to this, which is that perhaps no one can beat The Shield but themselves.

    That said, if they have to go down in a six man tag team match, then a star studded team the likes of something like John Cena, Triple H and the Undertaker is what I'd imagine it'd take to defeat them. Just throwing a bunch of random mid carders together to do it won't work, and is there a bigger team to defeat them than this if they HAVE to lose?

    This match could begin with what I imagine the first steps to them imploding will be anyway - several members of the WWE locker room start to gang attack them and give them a dose of their own medicine. Perhaps Triple H is the one who leads this charge, being very vital these days to the corporate side of the company and all. He could say he doesn't want to just stand by and watch The Shield wreck havoc in a place that he will one day be part owner of. Perhaps he eventually puts a team together (maybe for Summerslam) and this is how the Undertaker is reintroduced on television (if he doesn't come back before then for Extreme Rules.)

    I would like it if Triple H at least lost to The Shield once before this were to happen, though. Maybe him and The New Age Outlaws just so The Shield can say they defeated Degeneration-X. (Throw in a random beat down on Shawn Michaels somewhere in there too, perhaps.) But then take the three best men out of all the teams that have fallen and put them together (Cena, Undertaker, Triple H) and that's who eventually triumphs over The Shield and shows that they're vulnerable and we see the first chinks in the armor (ironic, them being called The Shield.)
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  3. There is literally no group suitable but I can see Team Hell No and Cena possibly defeating them at Payback or something.
  4. Ziggie-Langston-Cena. That's the team I'd love to see defeating The Shield but I love The Shield so I don't want to see them disappear.
  5. Someone who can wrestle. Someone who you would believe could beat them but not make them look weak. So maybe a Ziggler cheap win.
  6. Stan Stansky, he can do it all by himself.
  7. I agree no one should beat the shield in a 6 man tag match! it can be another gimmick they can use without being overpowered as they can lose in other matches :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Agree with this. And it was JBL who said that, Cole would be a possibility but King's commentary isn't good enough for him to say something that logic and not so obvious.
  9. Hurricane would be hilarious, lol.
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  10. APA for Shield stealing their gimmick during CM Punk's title match. Paid protection is their job! :damn: :jbl:
  11. Nobody. They need to remain undefeated. They have already gone over dream teams, so losing to them would mean nothing.
  12. It'll be like Seth Rollins (or other member) leaving the group and finding a partner then beating the other two
  13. id like cena undertaker and batista to beat the shield or dx with randy orton or the wyatts
  14. Cena and Hogan, bro. Hogan/Cena = The New SuperPowers
  15. Epic bump. Confused me cause i thought this thread was new
  16. HHH and VKM
  17. CM Punk without a doubt
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  18. They've lost, haven't they?
  19. Yeah this was made before they lost and revived for some raison.
  20. Right, I'm aware, was just wondering why people were still posting who they wanted to see them lose to lol
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