Ring of Honor Who do you want to see in a ROH ring?

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  1. Does not have to be a full time thing, but Sabre jr would be sweet.
  2. Off the top of my head with the current landscape: TJ Perkins.
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  3. He might be used a little better then last time, he has far too much in ring talent to waste
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    I'd also be all for a short Killer Elite Squad run as well. They've done a few dates last year but if they could show up more often when not in Japan just to add something to a card that would be swell.
    Same could be said about Hero.
    Oh! And Jimmy Rave has apparently been having five star classics in a bunch of southern indyfeds all 2015. If he's motivated, clean and wants to come back. Bring Jimmy home.
  5. Shibata
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  6. Shibata vs strong would be intense, could do it for one of the bigger shows.

    Would not mind some other Jap talent from other promotions, ishimori return for a couple of matches.

    Hero if he has his shit together, he is lazy at times.
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  7. Tommy End and Jimmy Havoc for singles, Super Smash Bros. for tag.
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