WrestleMania Who do you WANT to win out of Rock/Cena?

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  1. Though I'd present you all a place to voice your opinions on who you want to win instead of who you think to win. Please offer explanations though and not just "I want X to win".

  2. Honestly I want Rock to win, putting all business aside he was one of the 1st wrestlers I marked for as a kid. I've criticized his return performance to high heaven but god when he walks down that ramp I'll mark out beyond reason.
  3. Cena!


    I aint a Cena fan but I believe he has done so much for the company that'd it'd be wrong if they abused him that way Cena lives, breathes and dies for WWE no offence Rock but ur Hollywood now and the WWE is no. 2. Yeah it's about the best for ur family money wise presuming Rock aint a prick and money aint all he's after.
  4. John all the way. Ever since Rocky did that 'pebble thing' with his man tit i've been a bit grossed out by him
  5. Same as Seabs, I want the Rock to win because I grew up on the People's strudel.
  6. I am torn but still Cena as much as that destroys my teenage years I don't care I see Cena as the better guy and the greater good.
  7. Ew. Dolph's ur 2 much
  8. In the words of Randy Savage


  9. I prefer Rock to win, but I don't mind Cena winning. Especially if he turns heel.
  10. Only way Rock will win is if:

    1. Rock has agreed to stay after Wm which is rumoured
    2. Cena turns heel so there could be a feud.
  11. I hope you meant that as a compliment, because that's how I'm taking it. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:iper:
  12. LOL doubt it Dolph's haha
  13. Yea Rock himself confirmed that he'll be in Wrestlemania 29. If Rocky wins, it would be the best time to turn Cena heel.
  14. I admire Dolph's insistence on speaking his mind, but I also think he's totally gross. Umm, but Dolph's so natural at it I just laugh so hard when he does it
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  16. I think the great khali will come out and floor them both with his chop of doom.

    He will then grab a mic and proclaim he is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment because he was so good in "get smart!"

    He will then waste 30 minutes doing about 20 khali kiss cams!
  17. If this happened I genuinely don't know if I'd be laughing or crying.
  18. I'd laugh like hell!!!
  19. Aslong as he comes out to Cult of Personality I'll be happy.
  20. THE ROCK OR DWAYNE JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the Rock will win because he is the favorite and he has the milions that devote to him. he was last seen in 2004. got too much to lose. he is more muscalar and more agil than john cena. he runs out of air very quichttp://i.imgur.com/bvUco.pngkly if you know what i mean. lol. :cena::cena:
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