Who do you want to win, Punk or Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. CM Punk

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  2. Daniel Bryan

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  1. Poll added. Please vote and post why :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Punk, because it's evident that he will be a heel again and then Punk, Cena, AND Rock intertwined in one feud over the most prized championship in WWE?

    :fap: Too good.
  3. Bryan, Punk is incredibly dull now so by taking the belt off you could force a character shift. Currently he's using it as a crutch due to a shit creative, kick that crutch from him and let's see the real Punker.
  4. Fuck that Bryan can win it after Punk finishes off with the Rock or else let Bryan side in for a bit right now and have a storyline continue on him and AJ based on what happens at MiTB.
  5. DB, I am so, so, so done with Punk and Punk's reign.. It's plain boring. Finish it soon WWE.
  6. That's only cuz WWE hasn't really let Punk spice it up and once the Rock comes, ooooh all ya'll going to be :fap: over this feud.
  7. Naa, not me.. He's boring against any opponent.

    Btw. Spoiler alert: Rocky will take the title from Cena.
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  8. Punk Rock would be horrible, Rock would just repeat his catchphrases and blow up after 5 minutes in the match.
  9. Yeah I hated that Rock/Cena match at WM, was so boring and it was so set up not even funny. Get tired in 5 minutes and then do hype moves after 5 regular stunts. I guess you guys are kind of right about the feud but I just want a heel Punk. Unfortunately, RAW will be in chi-town on the first monday of September and with so many fans right now, I can't see a heel turn then.
  10. IMO Punk (badass Punk) vs Rock would be awesome. Not current Punk though.

    Still chose D-Bry as it's only fair to give the most over man his title.
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  11. DB. Punk's title reign has been stale and dull (just like his character became) for some time. Bryan's really over and has worked very well recently, he deserves the title and I'd love to see him have a reign. I think Punk could benefit from losing the championship to be honest.

  13. Sucks YES chants are slowly getting quieter and quieter each lame show :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. CM Punk. Only because of the Rock coming back and setting up a match or angle with someone on the 1000th Raw. Rock ain't fighting Bryan, unless it's a Diesel/Bob Backlund repeat all over again (and I actually can see them jobbing Bryan out to Rock in mere seconds.) Whatever happens between Rock and Cena (MITB winner), it'll be more interesting with Punk involved than Bryan for me.
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  15. The best thing about Punk is his theme now a days, I look forward to his entrances more than his segments.
  16. Not sure if you watched the last RAW. Every segment is now based on YES/No chants. It's replaced SCSA's "What" chant, if that's not a sign that DB should be champion what is?
  17. And we know how Diesel/Backlund ended up. 1995, one of the worse years the company ever had. Jobbing Backlund out doesn't work. But... anyway, what makes me think that Bryan can lose is indeed the fact that Rock will somehow be involved in the title picture, probably very soon.
  18. Yeah didn't see last RAW :pity: oh well I'll catch up :dawg: but no What chants?

    :yes: :jeritroll:


    Whaddaya mean JBL?
  19. JBL held the title for 280 days or something and he wants Punk to overtake him.
  20. His previous theme music was better. I wish he would bring it back.
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