Who do you want to win the 2013 Elimination Chamber match?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by True Warrior, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Who do you want to win the 2013 Elimination Chamber match for #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship?
  2. We don't know who's in it yet (It's Bryan, Rey, Orton, and Henry thus far, isn't it?) That's one heck of a group.

    Henry > All
  3. Does RAW not have one? If not, Mark Henry of course.
  4. Bryan but it will be Henry which i don't mind.
  5. Orton(heel turn) or bry
  6. I want Bryan to win it.
  7. Realistically, Henry. And I'm very happy with that.
  8. So far the only guy I DON'T want to win the EC out of the guys in it is Rey, and I could even be okay with Rey vs ADR if it was a "passing the torch as the top Latino" match. This EC is going to be incredibly solid, with Henry in I have a hard time seeing Khali in it. :yay: #KnockOnWood
  9. After watching SmackDown, Henry really needs to win this. ADR can play the underdog well against Henry, and a feud between them going into Wrestlemania would be fantastic. Though it worries me because I reckon this "hall of pain" gimmick will be short-lived once more if ADR goes over Henry at Wrestlemania, and I seriously want to see a long heel run from Henry: kind of what we are getting from Big Show right now.
  10. Zigg will cash in at WM or EC for sure.
  11. Let Henry win this one due to the man being a legit beast.
  12. The next people to enter the Ec will be Barrett and Miz.
    So Barrett FTW
  13. Mark Henry. The reason being is because he's a legitimate beast, he can play heel easily and can make the WHC scene very interesting. On the other hand you have Alberto Del Rio who's recently turned fan, someone who's trying to get over with the crowd even more and someone who has the wrestling ability. Now, you put those two in a match at the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania and you're set for a very entertaining rivalry.
  15. Bob Dallas #respect
  16. I wish John Cena would win this.. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I feel trolled from all 3 of the last posts. Jericho, but it would never happen...It's going to be Henry, and i havent seen WWE since the ppv.
  18. So Booker T was impressed by Orton losing ?

    Yeah Henry has to win, would still have preferred Ziggler but Henry just can't lose this match - and Ziggler/Jericho suits me fine.
  19. The only person out of all these I could see Del Rio facing is Mark Henry, so I'll go with him. A heel Orton would make a good feud with Del Rio. They had a fine old school wrestling match at Hell In A Cell last year, but I don't see Orton going heel yet, and I think he'll team with Ryback and Sheamus to go after The Shield but then it seems he's been almost completely dropped from the Shield feud angle, so who knows. I'd prefer Orton but Henry seems more realistic.
  20. i think that they are going to push mark for the title
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