Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble?

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  1. So who do you guys want to win the Royal Rumble and why?
  2. Kane because he never won it, and Rock vs. Kane at WM would just blow my mind in 2013.
  3. Serious: Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton

    Lols: Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, Sin Cara.
  4. Ziggler tries to cash in during Show/ADR, fails, then wins the Rumble to face ADR and win the title at WM.
  5. I actually really like this, as long as Dolph wins at WM of course.
  6. Why Boreton?
  7. Could work well with a heel turn.
  8. Daniel Bryan.
  9. ^ This, can't really explain much more than that!
  10. Wade Barret
  11. Tensai. Because no one will see that coming!
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  12. Exactly! :russo:
  13. Ziggler..

    Like said: He fails to cash in on ADR, and then comes out as the 27th or so, and wins the rumble.

  14. wade Barrett or Kane
    Wade Barrett because I think is capable of having a great match at the Wrestlemania against who ever the world champion is.
    Kane because he has never won it.
  15. We all know Ryback or Cena is winning though :sad1:
  16. Who I think will win: Cena.

    Who I want to win: Barrett, Antonio or heel Orton.

    Who I want to have strong showings: Cesaro (lasting at least an hour), Miz (the rumble is a good way to kick their feud into high gear), Sandow, Bryan, Kane and Ryback.
  17. Ryback, because I bet on him against a friend of mine... should've waited a bit more to make the bet. He bet on Cena, I'm screwed.

    Anyway, um... Ziggler, why not. The idea proposed there is not bad.
  18. Want Bryan to win as he is the best wrestler in the company and deserves a main event match at mania but it will most likely be wasted on cena or Ryback.
  19. Came here to say this. It could be the Year of Kane (and probably his last year)

    Why not go out the same way he came in: With a bang
  20. Brad Maddox. This man is the future of the company.
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