Money in the Bank Who do you want to win?

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  1. So with like two months (?) to the MITB, who do you want to win the briefcases for Raw and Smackdown?

    We all could see Antonio Cesaro win one of them, probably the one for the World Heavyweight Championship, but who could you see winning the one for the WWE championship?
  2. Hmm... I'd mark for Daniel Bryan, but that's just wishful thinking, don't see it happening.

    I guess Ryback would make sense, or maybe one of The Shield guys (Reigns?).
  3. Who I want: Cesaro and DB

    What will happen: Ryback and Miz :eww:
  4. Yeah Ryback seems pretty likely, but I hope not! DB would be awesome and maybe he can, if Hell No breaks up before then, which seems pretty likely but they need their match before as well.

    The Miz should just accidently get killed, or at least gtfo off my tv.
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  5. Expect a "like" from Senhor.
  6. Done and done! :happy:
  7. Yaaay! That's all I wanted, my life is now complete! :happy:
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  8. That's a lot of happy Rybacks :happy:
  9. #Rybackrules lol

    Just got a horrible thought, what if Sheamus wins one of them?

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. At least HHH will be happy if that happens..
  13. That's all that really matters :obama:
  14. Yeah, if Trips is happy eeeeeeverybody is happy!
  15. I guess its possible for both Sheamus AND Ryback to win.

  16. Maybe Sheamus and Miz? :woo1:
  17. I see Christian winning the SD one, (just a wild guess) and some midcard's chance at winning
  18. I would love Christian to win, but I'm pretty sure WWE does not like it
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