Royal Rumble Who do you want to win?

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  1. The Royal Rumble this year, who would you want to win?

    I want either Jericho, Barret or Punk (if he loses the title on the same night) to win, I wouldn't care if Miz won either since I'm a big fan.
  2. Cody Rhodes, Wade Barret, Kane or Dolph Ziggler. Wouldn't mind any of these. If it's Randy Orton just because it's his hometown I would be pissed. He already won 2009 and Kane has had most eliminations, so why not give him a win?
  3. I think mainly because I doubt Kane will be involved in any title match, as he's being used for Cena heel turn. I'd love Kane to win but probably best to give it to younger talent. Ziggler, I wouldn't mind him either if he stepped away from Vickie and became the star he is like on ZTLIS.
  4. Wade Barrett.
  5. Yeah, but the storyline won't go that far considering Cena's set to face The Rock.
  6. True but I can see them using him at least till EC.
  7. Batista's come back at royal rumble and then win , By the way is going to be 40 or 30 man royal rumble?
  8. 30 this year. Batista won't be returning surely? He's been slagging off the product on twitter for ages now.
  9. Big Dave won't be back I think he's still tryna make it in MMA. I'm gonna say Wade Barrett ftw.
  10. Oh god if it is Wade Barrett I'll mark like a little girl.
  11. Batista's carreer was 'ended' By John Cena cause a 'FU' From the car trought the floor .

    He was sitting in a wheelchair .

    Last month of Batista in WWE was he egoing like hell !

    He lost the respect of the WWE-Universe .

    The 'Fcked Batista' started in the Fatal-Four-Way match , Verry sad.

    He Started to beat Rey mysterio up , Verry sad :/.
  12. Yeah I think he played the bad guy really well. But he's a bit of a dick outside WWE so I don't really care if he returns or not.
  13. I think that's why he was such a good heel he was playing himself an arragont prick basically.
  14. Completely agree. He was a darn good heel though.
  15. If i see his match vs Triple H i would say Give it a shot ..

    Wade barret lost my respect because what he said last monday night on raw .

    Screw Barret !
  16. You mean Batista vs HHH? If so which here is there WM match.

    What did Barrett say to make you lose respect anyway?