Who else plays Poker?

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  1. Does anyone else here play Poker besides me? Well if you do, try this online poker site called: fulltiltpoker.com They have every poker game from Texas Hold 'Em to Stud. Download it and play. Note: You can play Real or Fake money games
  2. I use to play on poker stars.
    I grew up playing it so I am not to bad at it. It has been a long time since I played though. I use to play a few times a week for real money in tournaments or with family. Fun times.
  3. The cool things is, you can transfer the chips you earned from PokerStars to Full Tilt Poker or vice versa
  4. I would play it with people from here as long as I dont spend any real cash.
  5. You don't have to. You can play with fake money.
  6. I don't even remember my PS log in. :lol1: I haven't played it for like 6 years.
  7. I play it sometimes with my friends on pokers star.
  8. I used to play on that site now i play FTP
  9. Poker is one card game that i've always wanted to learn to play but never got the chance to.

    One day i'll learn!
  10. There are different types of poker, like Omaha, Stud, and Texas Hold em
  11. I don't think my mind is ready for that....
  12. Texas Hold 'Em is the game most poker players play. It's much easier and faster to learn too. If you get a chance watch The World Series of Poker on ESPN
  13. I will defiantly give it ago. If i learn i'll have to find a site that allows private games so we can verse sometime!
  14. Yeah man that'd be great. BTW, read the book, The Real Deal by Phil Gordon. It teaches you how to play Texas Hold 'em and gives you strategy
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  15. I was a pretty profitable online player on fulltilt and pokerstars until the US government cracked down on that shit like douchebags
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  16. Ditto, lol that's how I made my beer money & weed money freshman year of college haha. I couldn't wait until I turned 18 back then so I could do that shit.

    I play Poker a lot. The games I usually play now adays are like 10-20$ buyins with like 8 people.. Mainly Texas Hold 'em to be honest.
  17. Same here man except i do $5/$10 buy ins
  18. I'm ok at Texas hold 'em
  19. I swear its very fun.
  20. my ROI was like 41% or something really high.
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