Who else should switch roles?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mizfit, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. With wwe considering turning ADR face, The Miz is already face, and maybe having Mark to return as a face (because of tweet, it looks like he may) and then you have Randy Orton who is currently face, might get his wish to turn heel again (hopefully when he returns from injury). who else do you think should switch roles?
  2. Cena for obvious reasons, Punk into more of a tweener role as you're playing to his natural heel side whilst not trying to fight his charisma and likability and Bryan to an aggressive wrestling clinic heel he's at his best in that role.
  3. If it weren't for the over abundance of heels in the tag team division at the moment I could consider turning the Usos heel and making them a really aggressive duo. Question is which other team to turn face. Epico and Primo despite how talented they are didn't get over as faces
  4. 1- Cena should turn Heel

    2- Orton should turn Heel
    3- Sheamus should turn Heel
    4- Drew McIntyre should be tweener
    5- Punk should be Tweener
  5. I agree with these three. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  6. Brit are you smart enough to vote for me :smug:
  7. Are you implying I would be dumb if I didn't? :dawg:
  8. Did you even read my promo? ::bury:

    Cmon tell me you won't be voting for Crayo or Seabs, they don't even have a special WWE name ffs
  9. Randy Orton should turn heel.
  10. 1-Cena IS NOT going to turn heel :pity:

    2-Anytime soon
    3-Not gonna happen
    4 and 5 AGREE
  11. Drew McIntyre as a tweener is unbelievably awesome fantasy land material, if it actually happens have a heart attack marking so hard. LOL
  12. Rhodes tweener , sin cara heel and rollins face
  13. Team Hell no tweeners
    Orton Heel
    Zack Ryder Heel
    Santino Heel
    Wade Barrett Face
    John Cena Heel
    Dolph Ziggler Face
  14. Primo and Epico don't get over as anything because they don't put in the effort to establish that they are heels. The only thing that would make them heel is their opponents are faces. Primo & Epico are just a tag team, a good tag team, but not a charismatic one.
  15. 3MB goes face and jobs
    AJ to heel
    Rhodes to face
    Orton to heel
    Cesaro to face
  16. :no:
  17. Not doing much as a heel that he can't be doing as a face, plus he's always getting clean wins. I wouldn't exactly call him a scourge of the earth heel. Can't really see him getting heat from other countries either
  18. Orton - heel
    Sheamus - heel
    ADR - face
    Ryder - heel
    Sandow - face (I know I'm going to get blasted for this one, but he's so damn lovable :sandow:)
  19. Cena, Orton, Sheamus as heels, ADR and Rollins as faces.
  20. IWC: "Turn everyone heel "

    some of these face turn suggestions are hilarious. WB, face, really?
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