Money in the Bank Who Fights For the Briefcases?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, May 8, 2018.

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    Well...if you were going to pick the 8 (8...really?) men & women to actually
    take part in the 2 Money in the Bank ladder matches...who would they be?

    (c) = Already confirmed...

    Women's: (Going for a 4 face/4 heel dynamic):
    + Ember Moon...(c)
    + Sasha Banks...
    + Ruby Riott...
    + Bayley...
    + Becky Lynch...
    + Charlotte
    + Peyton Royce...
    + Sonya Deville...

    With Becky OR Sasha OR Ruby winning...

    Men's: (Again going for a 4 face/4 heel dynamic):
    + Braun Strowman...(c)
    + Finn Balor...(c)
    + Baron Corbin...
    + Jinder Mahal...
    + Daniel Bryan...
    + Jeff Hardy...
    + Samoa Joe...
    + Andrade "Cien" Almas...

    With Finn OR Daniel winning...

    What do you think guys? Who would you book in these matches?

    Lets talk it out & get creative!
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  2. Sasha doesn't know how to win matches anymore. :smug:
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    God...I hate the fact you are 100% right about that.

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    Ember Moon...(c)
    + Liv Morgan...
    + Bayley...
    + Sasha...
    + Becky Lynch...
    + Peyton Royce...
    + Sonya Deville...
    + Naomi...

    With Bayley or Becky winning...

    Braun Strowman...(c)
    + Finn Balor...(c)
    + Bobby Lashely...
    + Bobby Roode...
    + Samoa Joe...
    + Randy Orton...
    + Daniel Bryan...
    + The Miz...

    With Lashley or Orton winning...

    Post Edit: Due to recent news I added some more.
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    Really? I wouldn't trust Bayley with the briefcase...
    she is likely to fuck up the cash her &
    Sasha is basically stuck in booking purgatory.

    I think Sasha has more of a chance than Bayley...

    Honestly anyone but Charlotte, Alexa or Mickie...
    those 3 don't need it...and Carmella & Nia can
    hold onto the titles for the time being.

    Actually...hopefully both Nia & Carmella drop
    the titles at MitB...Carmella to Asuka or Becky &
    Nia to Ruby.

    And no fucking men getting involved this time.
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  6. I just figured her because they are still pushing that whole Bayley v Sasha feud that no one cares about no more, and I just think Bayley winning a qualifying by pinning Sasha could finally set a blow to this long ass feud, you know. Either both women have been ruined.

    I was going to add Ronda, but I forgot it's Ronda, so whatever. Yeah, I agree though now I kind of feel Naomi will be in the match instead of Peyton.

    Agreed, 100.
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    There are only 6 spots...and I just want the best match possible after
    the bullshit booking from last year.

    Ember is in...but I just hope Ruby & Sasha get another chance because the
    idea of them missing out & Alexa getting one of those spots is just cringe.

    If we were going for "BEST.MATCH.POSSIBLE"

    I'd say Ember, Bayley, Sasha, Ruby, Asuka, Becky, Charlotte & Naomi...but surely
    Nia & Carmella will have title matches at the pay per who really knows?
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  8. Braun Strowman
    Finn Balor
    Bobby Lashley
    Randy Orton
    The Miz
    Samoa Joe

    Have Strowman go over and cash-in on Brock later that night.. Brock has a scheduled match so Braun wins the title in the main-event.. Probably won't happen, but it would be nice.

    Ember Moon
    Ruby Riott
    Alexa Bliss
    Becky Lynch
    Sonya Deville

    Just give the goddamn briefcase to Becky Lynch. Have her cash-in in the fall time or around SummerSlam.. Ruby Riott is not a bad pick to win this match either.
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  9. women MITB: Sasha, Bayley, Ruby, Moon, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Charlotte & Sonya Deville

    And give the briefcase to Peyton

    Men MITB: Orton, Braun, Balor, Mahal, Reigns, Bryan, Miz & Jeff Hardy

    And that one goes to Miz
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  10. No Becky? And Peyton? That would be on hell of a quick push...
  11. Finn, Braun, Corbin, Elias, Rusev, Orton, Miz and Joe for the men's (with a Smackdown guy winning, I want Miz)

    Ember, Bayley, Alexa, Liv Morgan, Charlotte, Asuka, Billie Kay and Sonya Deville (with a Raw chick winning, I think Ember)
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  12. Becky is my favourite of the 4 horsewomen but booking wise right now? I can already see WWE messing that cash in up.

    Because Peyton to me is already getting lost in the mix. Let's face it, the Iconics have been facing Becky and Asuka for weeks now and Peyton needs something to bring her up and I feel like that she is the best option to get the briefcase because of what she will be able to do with it.
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  13. Either Alexa or Ember will win the Women's. Probably Alexa because I can already see her cashing in on Nia and her big victory speech of overcoming the bully. Braun, Lashley, or Finn will win the mens and cash in on Lesnar. Hopefully Braun because I don't see recently re-signed Lashley or Captain Rainbows and Smiles beating the Beast.