Who got Sheamus as the winner of the rumble! PLUS: Why Jericho won't be here long

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  1. Source: F4WOnline.com

    Lesson learnt here: Paul knows what he's doing, unlike Vince.

    Source: F4WOnline.com

    Interesting about Jericho. And I noticed Twitter only had like 2/3 boxes all evening.
  2. Why even bring back Jericho at all if he won't work through SummerSlam?

    He isn't that huge of a star that Punk will get a humongous rub from.

    Beating Jericho is no big accomplish, cause everyone has done it

    Taker or HHH? Now, those are two guys you can build a win from
  3. diagree with highlighted point jericho is huge look at his pops when he was trolling everyone. plus look how popular he was back in the day despite at that time bein surrouded by other big names like rock and stone cold!
  4. I hope you're right Cloud. I should preface.... I don't buy Jericho as huge.

    My opinion obviously differs from the mass. I concede my point. Props to you

    It's probably best he pops in and out the next few years... rather have a farewell tour and retire.

    WWE doesn't need anymore of these retirements
  5. I actually agree. I'm a massive Jericho mark but Jericho's fetish for letting others go over him does devalue him as a star. If I was to book RAW, I'd of went through with the conspiracy angle with HHH as the mega-heel behind it all. Punk comes in, attitude against the corporate structure and goes over HHH clean at mania'. Though, we all know "Paul" wouldn't ever allow that.

    As for Sheamus winning because he's HHH's friend, I called it. Disgusts me. I'm really not looking forward to when HHH takes over, he like Vince, has no idea what we want. Remember when Zack Ryder was getting huge on YT averaging 150=200k hits on YT? Interviewer asked "Why isn't he on TV?", HHH responded "Why should he? He's got like a couple views?" oh how wrong he was. Not as excited as some people are for Vince's retirement. I'd be much more excited if they bought Heyman back.
  6. @[Crayo] man i miss Paul! man knew how to book a show an how to promote superstars an get crowds ino it! his promotion of al snows head gimmick!
  7. There's no way HHH would involve himself in a stable Jericho put together

    The conspiracy angle makes too much sense

    The cryptic video using Steph as the girl is poetic

    Problem is Jericho probably dug the idea, so Hunter nixed it

    On a side note, using Heyman in any role is never a bad idea
  8. Why does HHH seem to despise Jericho so much? Same reason he hates Punk? Because both of them are quick-witted and refuse to be brainwashed?

    Imagine how good that conspiracy angle could have been. If they're serious about Punk's push that was the answer. Him going over Jericho (who's still over as a face anywhere he goes) will have no where near the same effect.
  9. I fully expected Jericho to win. Oh well.
  11. Jericho wonders the same.

    I heard HHH wanted to fire Edge for the Lita fiasco

    If true, that would make HHH the biggest hypocrite ever

    I've always defended HHH in regards to Steph, cause love is irrational sometimes

    HHH hates blonde wrestlers younger than he is. It's pretty much a fact
  12. Well I guess we can look forward to the future of WWE then with this hero in charge.
  13. doubt it will last if ratings decline!
  14. Sorry to resurrect the dead but...

    back when Rocky was MIA, Jericho did an interview slightly criticizing him

    He said, He'd never leave wrestling completely, that he would always come back

    I'll take Y2J at his word. Should he leave in May, he'll always return in some capacity. Pay no attention to his twittertrolling
  15. He might just take a long time off to tour again. He's in the shape of his life so he can always come back.
  16. I agree with Hunter's decision here. Jericho and Orton don't need it.
  17. Since when did the Rumble become about needing it? It's arguably bigger than winning the title, shouldn't be used to push youngsters, it should be used for epic story-lines. That's my opinion however.
  18. Rumble wins should be written for the hot angle and Orton was perfect in '09 for the hot WM angle w/HHH

    HBK '96, Austin '97/'98, and that guy in '04 were all hot angles and deserved rumble wins that year

    Sheamus was simply to throw us off
  19. Sheamus was predicted by everyone until Jericho entered the Rumble, and even then he was still the 2nd highest prediction. No one thought Orton would win as soon as he came back to a random SD taping.

    Hottest angle? Jericho just returned saying the end of the world will happen at the Rumble. That would of been the hottest angle, coming out as #30 to an empty arena, pitch black with his jacket glowing. God, I'd of loved that.
  20. @Crayo we agree