Who has Heat WWE Backstage heat?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jon, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. He is lazy

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  2. His PDA is hurting him

  1. One of the most talked about ones if Enzo Amore for bragging about money and bringing questionable guests backstage, But intead of Firing or demoting him to NXT since he sells a lot of merchandise he is going into the shark cage since he is scared of heights as punishment.

    Also Mike Kanellis (Butchered I think) Has heat with officials by being LAZY lets just say these are the same people who thought Dean Ambrose was lazy even though he has had the most matches in 2016 and Mike Kanellis might have not been having TV time since he is dealing with prescription drugs addiction.

    Also Rusev is calling out Sasha Banks for not shaking someones hand when he said on his Twitter "Eddie Guerrero would've shook everyone's hand. Classes people! Lost all of my respect. You know who you are!"
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  2. Maybe she was just having a Bad day?
    I 100% Respect the Guerrero Family (I wish I still had the Book signed by Eddie Guerrero he wrote before he died, My Uncle NEVER gave it back to me. :emoji_cry: )
    Dnt know much about this MIKE Charater to comment on.
    Enzo is an Odd Dude. It will me interesting to see him extended high above the ring in that Shark Cage. :emoji_slight_smile: