Who has the best facial expressions on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Simple really. Who executes their facial expressions the best? Thread inspired by Heyman's reaction to CM Punk at NOC.
  2. Heyman and Ambrose. Hands down.
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  3. What deth said. And by far.
  4. [​IMG]
    The big guy.
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  5. Outside of Heyman and Ambrose, CM Punk seems to have some good expressions too.
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  6. No one can touch Heyman atm.
  7. Rock's eyebrow>
  8. Agreed with everyone else. Heyman is just hilarious in general (especially when he's at ringside). Ambrose is a fuckin' goon when he gets attacked. I still laugh at the TLC match with Hell No. And CM Punk also, especially when he's either insulting or mocking someone.

    JBL has some pretty good ones too. :dawg:
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  9. Ryback, Heyman, Ambrose and Punk.
  10. People can't seriously say Ryback. Okay he made a funny one there, but other than that, they're more or less all the same. This is from a Ryback fan.

    Rollind has had some decent ones. Cena can do it pretty well. Steph can also do it pretty well.
  11. In the new post box on the main page it says "Who has the best facial...". :ksi:
  12. Paul Heyman easily, with CM Punk not far behind.
  13. Besides the ones mentioned ADR and Trips have awesome facial expressions. Trips's pity faces are absolutely hilarious.
  14. JBL is the best at facial expressions. I mean, the best at looking bored.
  15. Who does the best facial? I don't know ask AJ or Kelly Kelly.

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    Oh SNAP!
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  16. Heyman for sure.

  17. :ksi:

    Anyway, my top three would be Heyman, Punk and Ambrose.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. All The Shield ones are pretty good and funny. Vince, HHH, Steph, Cena, The Wyatt's and Punk are also very good at selling their emotions. I'd have to give the main award to Heyman albeit, he just tops all of them.
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