Who has the best name on WF

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Victoria Justice, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Crayo

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  2. Ariana Grande

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  3. Chris Jericho

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  4. AidsJohnson

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  1. Who has the best name here

    I think its me because look at Ariana Grande Shes fucking sexy :true::win:
  2. @[Ariana Grande] definately has the best name on WF because 1, you can sing baby! 2, you're hott as hell!
  3. :win:
  4. *cough*Worst Name*cough**cough*
  5. @[Chris Jericho]
  6. :true:
  7. going to set a poll
  8. I'm voting for myself due to it being a FF7 reference and that being one of the greatest games of all time for RPG fans!
  9. Ill add you in 1 sec but crayo 100 cotes FML
  10. People seem to love my name.
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  11. Voted Crayo, he's the Kane of this poll I reckon.
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  12. He's not on there but I like Stopspot's name.
  13. :dawg:
  14. WUT DA HAYUL @[Crayo] :booker:
  15. Thanks for the votes guys.
  16. Since I can't vote for myself I voted for @[Crayo] as wouldn't want him not feeling the love.
  17. Bullshit fuck this poll
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Really appreciate the votes guys, never knew my name was that good lol :emoji_grin::emoji_grin:
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