Who has the best theme on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. I guess everyone counts as a RAW superstar these days, but I mean stars predominantly on RAW weekly and are labelled as RAW superstars.

    I can't think of many good ones to be honest. There are above average ones in Punk and ADR, but nothing really stands out. I guess Rock's is the best on RAW (imo), unless I'm forgetting someone really obvious.

    SmackDown has to be Christian for me. Overall, I would say Riley's.

  2. :yes:
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  3. I hate that theme so much.
  4. :why: it's hot and sensual :phew:
  5. It's like the son I don't want to have :pity:


    My favorite is actually this one:

  6. Had to go to WWE.com to see who counted as Raw Superstars . . .

    But Punk is a close second.
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  7. Knew I forgot one, fml. Swagger's is incredible. Liked.
  8. I have no idea if Mark Henry is "on Raw" or not, but his theme is the best.

    I would have said ADR but they ruined his shit.
  9. Henry is SmackDown. I was going to say his too. Is it bad that I only noticed it was good when he was heel though? As a face I thought it was cringe -- makes no sense I know.
  10. The best themes make the crowd feel an emotion associated with the performer, gotta go with D'Z again. Mark Henry comes out and you're like "oh fuck, dude's about to get flattened lmao", his theme adds to it.

    Oh, the Raw guys? Not that there's a difference, there's no brand split... *goes to look at the roster* Punk's was good when he was a face, Miz's was good when he was a heel... fuck it Ziggler
  11. Oh well, I still say Henry because I see him on Raw and since the brand split is clearly dead I'm not going to adhere to it just for the sake of this thread.

  12. is Sandow on Raw????
  13. All themes nowadays are shit. The best theme right now is probably the shields one.:emoji_wink:

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  14. wtf is so great about the Shield's generic ass theme? I understand you all mark your little baby girl tits off when you hear it because you love them all so much, but the theme itself? Fucking boring IMO
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  15. Currently Punk- Living Colour is sweet as fuck. Also his previous theme was KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and they are raw.
  16. Punk's is pretty good.
  17. As a song Punk's is the best, and it was great for his face turn. It just seems goofy as his heel theme. Wish he would go back to his previous theme at this point tbh
  18. Punk, Swaggers is now really cool and also i like Bryans as well.
  19. On a side note with all the money WWE have and considering the themes they use at PPV's i think they should pay a bit more an start using a license so they can use up and coming bands and start promoting new music. As they could work out a way to gain some profit from this somehow and then every theme wouldnt be generic bullshit.
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