Who has the most devastating spear?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Goldberg

  2. Edge

  3. Rhyno (Gore)

  4. Roman Reigns

  5. Bobby Lashley

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  6. Batista

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Batista has the best spear. it's not on the list. that makes me sad.
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  3. You are correct how did I forget Batista!
  4. Edge

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  5. I added him
  6. I was getting around to putting that video up............Thing of art that was!
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  7. You beat me to that video. I had that as a gif on my sig her for a looooong time. One of the biggest OMG moments in WWE.

    He is one of my all time favourites but sadly his spear usually was more grab and slam than it was a spear, imo.

    I am not a fan of the guy but Roman Reigns definitely takes it for me, Goldberg i can never vote for because he's a sloppy guy and would probably injure someone that way. Roman seems like a safe enough wrestler and those outside spears he did to Big Show and Rusev showed him flying through the air.
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  8. The most devastating would have to be Rhyno or Goldberg
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  9. Not sure how people can base this off of a few spots they've seen. Edge's spear is very relaxed, and is mostly acclaimed for the showmanship that came with the move. Roman Reigns has his moments, but it comes down to who sells the most. Guys like Christian and Randy Orton made the move look like a million bucks when done by Goldberg, but guys like Hogan and Kane kind of made the move look a bit off. I personally think Rhyno had/has one of the most grueling-looking move, let alone spear. His speed, angle and the thud is just so vicious.

    Rhyno wins :reigns4:
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  10. I may be an EdgeHead, but I can't deny, for the overall execution of the move, Rhyno.
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  11. The most devastating to me would have to be Rhyno "THE MAN BEAST"
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  12. I'll probably get some hate for this but my vote goes for Roman. Goldberg, Edge, and Rhyno have a damn good spear but the way Roman executes his is way better. He gets good jump in the air before he lands it so it's just more aesthetically pleasing to me :reigns2:
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  13. Even though I am an Edgehead, my vote goes to Rhyno.

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  15. :yes:
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