Who has the most potential to save SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Simple. Who would you put in the main-event of a big SmackDown story-line to save it. Now, remove your inner-mark and think like a business man.

    No using Cena, Rock or Brock. Promote from within.
  2. [​IMG]

    When something works, do it.

    If you can't count him, I don't think you can turn Daniel Bryan face at this point due to storyline, so make Christian the top face he should have been last year since he will come back soon. The fans want to cheer him already. If they didn't have the IC belt dragging Rhodes down I'd call for a feud with him, but a feud with Daniel Bryan can only be good.
  3. Henry would have been my top dog to but attached with a story-line. Like Undertaker, management were too "scared" to discipline him. GM's never told him what to do. Henry needs to be like that. Use Johnny to make it so Henry can't be fired, have him literally dominate and bully SmackDown.
  4. Ziggler nuff said
  5. I honestly don't think Ziggler can carry a brand yet.
  6. Henry could work. Ziggler, Rhodes or a face Christian could also do it. A face Christian feuding with Ziggler or Rhodes would be cool, either that or Henry beating everyone up again. I'd love to see it.
  7. You can do the same thing with William Regal as GM of Smackdown.

    Regal = Ratings.
  8. he could if WWE utilized him properly instead of having him job to Brodus Gay
  9. Sin Cara has the most potential. When Rey was on SD he was the face of SmackDown. Batista was also pretty good. So I'll say, Sin Cara, Batista, Rey can save it. And Undertaker.


    What can he carry?
  10. In a match, anyone.
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  11. Liked.

    Ziggler, Rhodes - I'm a ultra-fanboy of both. I don't think they're established enough atm to carry it. I honestly think Henry and badass face Christian or heel Christian are the ones to carry it. Jericho is another one. Face or heel.
  12. Henry bullying everyone would have been the best and simplest way.

    Christian as a face can carry the brand. A heel Orton allowed to do what he did as the legend killer/punting era Orton could be his foil. Or a heel Bryan.

    A dominant stable bullying people would also be good but it would have to be lead by someone with heel charisma.

    A face miz moved over could also work as a leading face alongside Christian.
  13. I don't see the Christian face love. Without a completely different gimmick it'd be stale.

    What gimmick would you give him?
  14. Revamp his old Captain Charisma/people's champ gimmick as a rebellious man of the people. For this to work he needs either a big heel or a heel stable that has bullied their way to power to feud with. Have him be the guy that stands up against them and comes back fighting every time. Have him enter through the crowd. Attack the baddies back stage. Make him a rougher tougher but still charismatic Christian. Give him a reason to fight for the people. Doesn't need to be a title involved if the story is good enough.
  15. Not sure. Last time it's stale. The last thing we want is another super smiley face.
  16. He does not need to be a super smiley. He could be aggressive and serious. I did not mean revamp as completely restart the captain charisma gimmick. But take elements from it and make Christian the vigilante that strikes back against the bullying stable. The feud can base itself in some sort of injustice done by them to Christian. Say Christian has gotten his one more match. Just before the bell rings the heels come out and attack him. He then attacks one of the heels after a match next week and cuts a promo saying he has been screwed out of his title for the last time and wont take it anymore. He doesn't care about the fans, he doesn't care about the title anymore. He just wants to get even and show that he is still Captain Charisma, he is still Christian.
  17. That could work. Take the Christian from Edge&Christian tag-team :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Though I'd much rather see the badass face :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. If a heel Orton and badass combined with E&C styled Christian could pull of a feud with the same intensity as the one Cena and Edge had going for a while I could see Smackdowns entertainment value rising noticeably.
  19. I liked him better when he was in the spirit squad.
  20. I miss Christians semi-vampire gimmick
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