Who has the most potential?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Who has the most potential in the indies now to become the new Aries, Bryan, Punk or Styles for example? Who in let's say 4-5 years time has the potential to be the main guy for a massive company?
  2. Adam Cole.
  3. For WWE, Mike Bennett. For TNA, Adam Cole.
  4. For anyone: Steen
  5. Adam Cole and Sami Callihan. Sami said it himself, his goal is WWE. That guy is legit. Brian Cage has an awesome look, he's very charismatic. Willie Mack looks like Mark Henry's son, just not that mean.
  6. I don't know but I like Eddie Edwards.
  7. Edwards is good. Sure, he's average in cutting promos, but I'd compare him with Tommy Dreamer - an average Joe, hard working fella liked and respected by people/fans.
  8. :true: A fan of his in-ring work though.
  9. Where does Callihan wrestle Joe? The name sounds familiar but I cannot remember having seen a match with him.
  10. All over the world (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Japan). He's a top independent wrestler (w/Generico).

  11. Definitely impressed with what I am seeing there. He can without a doubt become a big thing in the business if things go well for him :obama:
  12. Bray Wyatt and (as nobody is mentioning Divas) Paige.
  13. @[Acailler] They don't work on the independents since they already are in the WWE system. This thread is about independent wrestlers.
  14. :upset:
  15. There there it is okay