Who Has The Most Potential?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Who in WWE currently has the most potential?

    For me its Roman Reigns and Big E Langston, Roman is very solid in ring, Haven't seen much of him on the mic and has a fierce look and dat spear. Langston is again solid in ring and is improving as is Roman, Big E is funny on the mic and im sure he could cut a serious promo too.
  2. Dean Ambrose has the most potential. He's great on the mic and very good in the ring.. I like Roman, but he has terrible mic skills and that's very important in WWE. You need good mic skills to get yourself over and help define your character. He has to really improve on that if he wants to become a top guy.
  3. Roman hasn't had a chance on the mic, He has never had a promo where he even talks, He has always been stuck with "Believe in The Shield" so its too early to judge him on the mic and theres always room to improve and guys like Paul Heyman
  4. Dean Ambrose.
  5. Big E is funny on the mic? I've only read his funny tweets, but on the mic?
    Anyone have a video of his funny promo's?
  6. Ambrose, Reigns, Langston, Cesaro should all e big in the future. However, I think Rollins has the most potential. Can take bumps like a champ and is great in ring. Just needs to improve his mic skills.
  7. I see all three members of The Shield being stars in their own right. I'd bank on Roman Reigns being more of a breakout star than the other two. He has the look and his skills on the mic aren't that bad at all and can always improve overtime. It's not like Batista was that great on the mic either when he first became red hot in 2005. Reigns also has a great finisher (spear) and a cool name.

    Big E Langston also has the look, plus he can be more of an interesting personality if he's permitted to be humorous on the mic like he is on Twitter, mixed in with being serious and a bad ass.

    Antonio Caesro is awesome in the ring, but rather bland in personality. Don't know what to make of his future.
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  8. I'm not sure whether or not he has the most potential but, Zack Ryder. As a Mid Card Baby face champion, I can only see good things for him, However I genuinely doubt WWE would ever give him that chance. He's not so bad on the Mic from what little i've heard and I find his moves to be entertaining, He's an Underdog you can't help but root for.
  9. Tyson Kidd
  10. Aside from the guys already mentioned, gotta throw a shout out to the "Big Deal", Titus O'Neil.

    The dude has the look Vince likes, he's at least shown a pretty devastating powerhouse moveset and enough athleticism to get the casuals believing he's dangerous in the ring, charismatic as all hell and pretty good on the mic + showed us before that he can play different roles (Pancake Patterson is awesome, you haters can suck it) What's not to love? (Not sure how he'd do with a personal main-event type feud based on real emotion, but it's worth a shot.)
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  11. Big E has a hell of a sense of humor, and he's incredibly smart. He's very funny on the mic. They've barely had him scratch the surface. He'd be a huge babyface if he did, so I'm sure that's why they're holding off on that for now. He's got tons of potential as a big star, but for my money the top guys are The Shield. Dean Ambrose particularly, but all of them. Ambrose and Reigns are great on the mic. I've seen some really well done promos from Reigns when he was Leakee in FCW. Seth Rollins isn't as strong on the mic yet, but he will be. He's got tons of potential.

    I recommend this match for anyone who hasn't seen it. 30 minute Iron Man - Ambrose vs Rollins from FCW. It's a barn burner.
  12. Antonio Cesaro
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  13. I think the shield is a little overrated.. I get it.. one agile, one technical, and one strong.. but I dont think either of them have it all.. but as far as potential, all the young guns have it, I think
  14. Referring to the Batista post, I seem to be the only one who hates him and doesn't want him back, He is meh in ring but his heel promos were awesome, Thats about it.
  15. Dean Ambrose: Determined worker,very versatile in the ring,and, is fantastic on the mic. No matter where he is or what he does he not only adapts to the changes he does wonders with them. He has all the tools to make it big imho.

    Antonio Cesaro: Probably the best in ring worker to date,he can just about have quality matches with anybody,even Khali. He sortof lacks on the mic but definitely makes up for it in the ring.

    Sami Zayn: He's just starting out but what he's shown so far has been nothing short of awesome. He connects with the crowd so naturally,he's great in the ring,and, is pretty darn good on the mic too. His career going forward is definitely gonna be sweet to watch.
  16. Antonio Cesaro no doubt in my mind.
  17. AJ Lee. She's using it (almost) every night to put on great matches. She can only get better too. ^_^
  18. Seabs said this before but I'm gonna rehash it because I think its true.

    Zayn, he will be a world champ in two years.
  19. Shield, Big E and Titus. From NXT I'd say Zayn, maybe Ohno if things turn around... Cesaro doesn't really strike me as a guy who'll main event though.
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