Who has Twitter?

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  1. Seriously, who has Twitter?

    Here's mine:


    Feel free to follow me.
  2. Mine is APAByram. Got the honor of talking to Paul Bearer before, got responded by Natalya, got retweeted multiple times by Roddy Piper, and many more wrestlers :yay:
  3. @gfxforums
  4. @wweforumsnet
  5. Don't have one.
  6. @VinceMcMahon
  7. @TheRealDannyW
  8. I do have but I won't give it to you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  9. @ShaShaShabang
  10. I do but i barely use it same as fb. Only use it as a point of contact for work to cover shifts and offer ppl shifts. Lazy u see it saves me ringing 60 odd ppl they can just ring me if interested.
  11. @ShawnMichaels
  12. @AdamMellor95
  13. @rodrigogb10
  14. I have twitter but I usually just use it to stalk people.


    I use facebook daily, but not in the retarded GOTTA PLAY FARMVILLE ALL DAY kind of way. I just log in to check messages, post a funny image or two, and then e-split.
  15. @JenniferP488
  16. No one added eachother lol lol lol :NO:
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