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  1. so if Reigns retains at the RR, who will headline WM with him?

    I thought the whole idea of the RR is to see who faces the Champion

    If Lesnar enters then he should win it then get revenge at WM to take his title back

    Can someone explain please
  2. Well, I think that's something else that makes the possibility of someone else other than Roman winning much bigger, because then he gets to use his rematch at WM. But if he retains the Authority can always book him vs anyone at WM, theoretically.
  3. Kind of makes the whole idea and attraction of the RR rather redundant though right?
  4. Well, indeed they are throwing away that stipulation in favor of it being a title match, but I, at least, believe that the intrigue of the title being up for grabs in a Royal Rumble situation makes up for the lack of a new #1 contender being determined.
  5. Ftj
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  6. Not when its obvious Roman is going to retain tho
  7. I don't think it's that obvious, to be honest. I think it could be either him, Triple H or maybe Brock Lesnar.
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  8. Triple H the champion? No chance

    Brock, i really hope so but it says Roman is Champ at Fastlane right?
  9. Either Lesnar or HHH.
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  10. I've said it a million times but I'll say it again, Reigns is gonna retain and win the rumble. He will say that he beat 29 other superstars so theres no one who can stop him. Then Triple H is going to come out and say "but you haven't beaten me, you haven't played the game!" and then challenge him to Wrestlemania.

    I don't want it to happen like like that, but at this point, WWE is going to go with the lamest booking possible to put Reigns over and have him hold onto the title and win the Royal Rumble again.
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  11. If he wins it, he'll just lose it to Roman at Wrestlemania. No one's envisioning any sort of scenario with Triple H as a long-term champion. Plus it gets good heat on HHH and The Authority, and Roman chasing the title is a better story heading into Mania than HHH chasing it (even if he's only doing so for the purpose of getting it off of Roman) is.
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  12. Lesnar vs Bryan pls.
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  13. Roman vs Hunter will main event
  14. The only issue with the triple h scenario is that they literally just did something similar with DB like 2 years ago.
  15. How so?
  16. They have been doing the same storyline since 1998. I really think that's something one has to put past him if he's going to watch WWE.
  17. If you want a serious answer... I'd kayfabe fire Roman after he loses at the Rumble. Get Roman Reigns off the road for a while, build up another guy, but still have the Authority screw with people on Raw. Keep their heat. Eventually Ambrose has had enough right after Fast Lane where he's screwed out of the IC and attacks Triple H with kendo sticks and stuff, next week in an attempt to "fire" him Roman runs down the ramp to save his job and Superman Triple while he's talking...

    Either way, they really have to get Roman off TV to keep him from being the latest injury to derail their Mania plans.

    And I hope "Urrr everyone else is hurt so guess it's us again woo" is the build for Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar IV
  18. Well I know this but doing it so soon is rediculous. I know they repeat the same formula. But good lord this is old.
  19. DB and triple h. Triple h tries to stop the upcoming star by having a match with him. He gets involved and says DB won't be anything until he can get through him. I mean it would be a little different if triple h is champ and defends against reigns. But it's still similar.

    The authority in general has been repeating the same garbage for the past few years.
  20. Thought you were referring directly to the Rumble match itself. Still, Reigns defending the strap against Hunter or the other way around is still different enough for me that it isn't a complete copy of the Bryan angle from 2014. That one also had the unique element of us knowing it was a mixture of reality and fiction, since we all knew Bryan really WAS being held down by the machine in real life and it took the fans' support to get him to where he was, whereas with Reigns it's the complete opposite and thus loses a lot of it's magic and feels not much different than the other 1500 Babyface vs Evil Owner storylines that we've seen over the last twenty years.
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